All Trint Systems Are Go!

September 12th, 2016 - Written by Trint


600 days ago “Trint” was a distant aspiration of a team with a dream: a system to take the pain out of getting at recorded content.

Hundreds of sleepless nights and 50,000 cups of strong coffee later, our youngest and newest team member, Sam Gould, did the honors of pressing the launch button. Now Trint is open to the world.

What’s Trint?

Powered by artificial intelligence, Trint is a text editor for the Media industry to search, verify and share recorded content with their audiences.

What does Trint do?

Trint automatically generates accurate transcripts and glues the text to the audio for super simple editing.

Supported by the Google Digital News Initiative, Cisco and BBC Labs, Trint is already actively supporting reporters, podcasters and researchers the world over.

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