The Trint Player|


In four years, video content will make up 80% of online traffic. Yet video content can’t be discovered. Online search doesn’t work…

…until now

The Trint Player changes online video forever:

  • Stitches text to video/audio (think karaoke)
  • Video content can be discovered through online search (SEO)
  • Spoken word is accessible for people with disabilities
  • So simple. So revolutionary.

Create your custom Trint Player in 5 quick steps:

Upload a video to Trint for transcription

Edit and verify the transcript in the Trint Editor

Upload the same video to YouTube and copy the YouTube URL

Paste the YouTube URL into the Export panel and click “Create your player”

Copy and paste the embed code into a webpage (if you haven’t done it, this is really easy to do)

See how easy it is to create your own Trint Player