Introducing Trint's Vocab Builder for automated transcription

Vocab Builder is Trint's custom dictionary for automated transcription, giving users higher accuracy and less time fixing mistakes through the power of AI.
May 31, 2018
 Custom words for automated transcripts on Trint


Our users tell us accuracy and time saving are the two things they value most when it comes to automated transcription. That's why our product and engineering teams are constantly developing ways to make Trint easier to use and more accurate. That's exactly what we had in mind when we built our latest feature, the first of its kind and available only to Trint users: Vocab Builder.

Vocab Builder lets users create a list of custom words to use on their Trint transcriptions - it's a little bit like a personal dictionary for AI transcripts. There are all kinds of ways to use Vocab Builder:

  • Brand names Trint's bots recognize a lot of brand names, but there are some that they haven't learned just yet. Give those brands the recognition they deserve by adding them to your custom transcription word list.
  • Uncommon place names International cities also tend to be recognized by our digital transcription software, but if you're talking about somewhere off the beaten track, Vocab Builder will show your transcripts the way.
  • Nonstandard spelling or uncommon name of a person Are you a Rachael, a Katheryn or an Nkululeko (he's Trint's designer)? Teach Vocab Builder the correct spelling of your name and get to know each other a little better.
  • Technical terms If your audio or video file is full of "bilaminated headtubes," add those words to your personal word list before you transcribe to get everyone on the same page.
  • Specially formatted numbers Although the hairstyles were controversial, the '80s had some great music. If you're talking about the classic 99 Luftballons, pop it in your Vocab List and enjoy talking glam rock.
  • Foreign language Does your transcript need a little - hmm - je ne sais pas? Add foreign words or phrases and voil'! You'll have a correct transcription.
  • Medical terms Doctors' vocabulary can sound like a completely different language - and often, it is. Add medical words from your digital recordings to keep your Vocab Builder fit and healthy.
  • Any word the AI bots don't understand Our bots are really, really smart. But they still have a few things to learn - and you can teach them.

Start using Vocab Builder now

To add an entry to Vocab Builder while editing, select the word and click 'Add to Vocab' in the toolbar:


Trint Vocab Builder


To add or remove entries, access Vocab Builder from the left-hand menu, then click "Create your vocab list" to edit your personal list: 


Trint Vocab Builder 2

To use words in your Vocab Builder during transcription, check the box in the upload window. If this box is not checked, your Vocab Builder terms will not be used in your transcripts.

Trint Vocab Builder 3

There are lots of ways your personal Vocab Builder can improve the accuracy of your transcripts in Trint. Enjoy a new level of precision with Trint - start adding words now!


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