Collaborating on transcripts made easy|

Working together on transcripts is now
incredibly simple. Enterprise teams can work
faster and unlock the value of the voice with
Trint, the most powerful productivity
platform for the spoken word.

Jeff Kofman, Founder & CEO

Work faster with
multi-user editing

Picture this: you and your colleagues are reviewing the same transcript. Each time they make an edit, it immediately appears on your screen. You publish the finished content and move onto the next project faster than ever.

Find the moments that matter

Tools that unlock value

Trint puts the value of spoken word at your fingertips. Comment on a section of a transcript to tell a colleague about an important soundbite or to note an emerging theme. Highlight text in multiple colours to show collaborators the most valuable parts of a transcript. Drop a Marker to pinpoint a moment in time.

Share the moments that matter

Frictionless enterprise

Trint makes enterprise workflow integration simple and frictionless. Our AI-based productivity platform ISO 27001* certified for a reliable and streamlined way to drive high productivity with existing workflows. Adding Trint to the way you already work is pain free and easy.

*International Standards Organization, the world’s best-in-class recognition for data security.

The best collaborative teams look like the human brain

When it comes to creative thinking and the workplace, creative thinking can be a “nice to have” or a necessity. If someone only uses one hemisphere of their brain to tackle a project, science tells us they’re probably not doing a very good job. Are there ways we can apply the infrastructure of the human brain and to the corporate environment to get better results?
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Publish content fast with collaborative editing

Case studies

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