See it, hear it, tell it. Your story, all in one place

Gather key quotes into one place, where you can arrange, listen and craft a narrative around the content in minutes.

What is

The more content you have, the harder it is to track down, pull together and reference. Not anymore. With Story you can easily bring together key soundbites into one place AND still listen to what was said.

Whether you’re creating audio or video, writing articles, or just trying to stay organized, Story will save you a ton of time, letting you focus on what matters.

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I'm a documentary filmmaker working on a big project with hundreds of hours of footage. Trint's Story feature is the first thing that made me feel like it was going to help me. Trint has saved me not hours, but days - maybe months.

Jean Strauss
Documentary Filmmaker

Stories in Trint save time for

Producers or Directors

  • Quickly craft a narrative cut you can see and hear, all by yourself
  • Scripting, reordering and organizing make your paper edit come alive
  • Easily hand-off a fully time coded script so you’re aligned with your editors

Multimedia Editors

  • No more endless scrubbing or sequencing, import .edl or .xml straight to your favorite editing softwares
  • Never lose your place with exact timecodes preserved
  • Align to the creative vision in the interactive paper editor


  • Easily thread together quotes into one place
  • Keep your ideas organized and quickly referenceable
  • Get to your first draft faster than ever
Create a Story

How does it work?

Drag and Drop

Thread all your key quotes together, keep track of where they came from and play them back. Perfect for writers or directors to get to the first draft.


Add context, notes or just start writing so writers can get the first draft out faster than ever


Video or audio editors can easily pull out .edl or .xml files that sequence clips in Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro

Create a Story

Yeah, we can do that

Find a quote you like? Highlight and add to a Story, where you can hear and see it with one-click reference back to the original transcript. Start writing your article around the quotes, and easily export to Word when you’re done.


Here’s your simplest way to a rough cut

Instead of sinking time into scrubbing and sequencing video or audio, export a rough cut of the sequence straight from Trint directly to Adobe, Avid, Final Cut, or wherever you work. Cut down on the revisions and focus on getting to a polished, final cut.

a video?

Before I found out about creating a Story in Trint, I’d spend hours fine cutting scenes I was never going to use. Now I can shape the story quickly and easily before I dive into the cut. It means I arrive much faster and the inevitable sense that my work isn’t as good as I’d hoped.

Ben Fogg
Film Director