An important message from Jeff,
Trint’s CEO and founder

4th June 2019

Dear Trinter,

Since we created Trint, we’ve regularly asked you, our users, what you need from us. And while the feedback varies from person to person, industry to industry, one theme is constant: our users have been drowning in their audio/video workflows and they’ve cheered us on as we’ve thrown them a life jacket.

By listening to you and understanding how you work, we’ve solved some really big problems together. We like to think that although Trint was built by us, it’s been shaped by you.

The initial idea for Trint came from my own career as a war correspondent, foreign correspondent and reporter with ABC, CBS and CBC News. Part of my job as a journalist was manually transcribing, so I know how painful it is for journalists and other professionals. That’s what inspired me to invent Trint: making the lives of journalists easier.

As Trint started to grow, we quickly realized the potential was much bigger than journalism, which is why we now focus on the needs of a broader range of professionals working with the spoken word to help them capture, find and share the moments that matter.

Trint started by solving a problem we lived. Now we’re solving the problems you live every day.

We have some big changes ahead. Coming soon, we’ll be releasing an easier, more straightforward way to unlock the value of the spoken word. Watch this space for more details over the next couple months. We’re really excited and we think you will be, too.

Let’s keep building together – so you can keep Trinting.