Record & transcribe
calls on iPhone|

Easily record, upload and transcribe calls or audio in the Trint app for iPhone – anywhere, anytime.

Jeff Kofman, Founder & CEO

Call Recording
without the hassle

Focus on the conversation without stressing about recording setup or glitches. Just call and tap “Record” to go untethered.
Check local laws about recording consent.

Record interviews in person

Time matters, so we built our iPhone app to move as fast as you do. Record, upload and transcribe interviews in the Trint app, or import audio from other apps for transcription.

Easily view & share transcripts

Today’s office doesn’t always include a desk, so we make it easy to manage your entire transcript library right from your mobile device.

Safe & secure conversations

Never worry about losing an important conversation: recorded phone calls are auto-saved to the cloud, where they’re protected by Amazon Web Service encryption levels.

How to use Trint's mobile app for iPhone

How transcription can boost business workflow

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