Converting speech to text online vs. manual transcription

Machine vs. human transcription? Why converting speech to text online with A.I. is cheaper, faster and more secure.

July 28, 2020


In our increasingly globalized world, news happens fast and content is shared instantly. So when you’ve got content to share, it’s all hands on deck to transform that spoken content from interviews, company town halls or webinars into Twitter posts, blogs, articles, videos and infographics.




Humans vs. machines

Manual transcription is a mammoth task, whether you’re doing it internally or outsourcing it. But if you’re set on manual transcription and you don’t have the internal resources then you may have to opt for a transcription service. Manual transcription services rely on professional human transcribers, while automated transcription software, like Trint, uses A.I. to convert speech to text online. Although there have been huge advances in speech recognition software in recent years, can you beat the accuracy of human transcribers?


What are the benefits of manual transcription services?


Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

There’s no denying, accuracy is the main benefit of manual transcription services. And when it comes to specialized subjects such as medical, legal or scientific terminology, human transcribers can outperform A.I. generated transcription. 

However, that high-level accuracy comes with a hefty price tag, ranging from $0.80 up to $5 per minute. While accuracy is a clear winner, the benefits end there.




What are the benefits of automated transcripts?


Lightning speed transcripts

Manual transcription services are painfully slow. If you’re not put off by the price, then you may be by the turnaround time. Depending on your price bracket, it could take up to a month to get your hands on the transcript. When it comes to breaking news, four weeks just won’t cut it.

Trint converts speech to text in moments. In fact, we’re so fast, we’ll save you 75% of your time. Waiting for your expensive manual transcribers is now a thing of the past. With fast transcripts, your content is now ready to go live in minutes. Plus, with Trint Realtime, you can even get live transcripts.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Our collaborative platform lets teams search, verify and edit the same transcript simultaneously. Collaboration features like Workspaces let you instantly share transcripts. That means your social media editor can grab a quote while your copywriter gets to work on their blog and your production team starts downloading subtitles for their videos. All at the same time.


Top notch security

Data breaches open a whole can of worms that you really don’t need. And with human error a leading cause of data breaches, you need to be sure that your external transcribers are on top of their security. When it comes to data privacy laws like the GDPR, compliance is not optional and that includes your third-party transcribers. Failing to ensure they’re compliant will fall on you. If you’re outsourcing sensitive transcription, can you take that risk?

Opting for Trint’s A.I. transcription is definitely your safest bet. Your data security is our top priority, which means that no one sees your transcripts but you. You get to choose who you share it with, customize roles and set permissions, so you know your work has been shared with the right people.


Keeping it in-house

If you’re handling sensitive or confidential audio and video files, you need to know that your content is safe and secure. But that’s just something you can’t guarantee with a manual transcription service. Content is often shared with multiple colleagues to review and proofread.

Outsourcing your transcription puts your confidential information into the hands of people that really shouldn’t have access. Keeping it in-house with an automated transcription platform means accessing need-to-know content is restricted to those that really need-to-know.


Bang for your buck

Automated transcription is by far the cheapest option. The reason? Put simply because we don’t have to pay human transcribers. Our transcripts are fulfilled by machines.


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Why Trint is best

Trint's intelligent software transcribes speech to text online using A.I. Our platform automatically transcribes audio and video, making it searchable, editable and shareable. We help you find the moments that matter, to help you produce better content in less time. If top notch accuracy is essential, read our tips on how to get the most from your recording.


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