What's the state of legal transcription in 2019?

Transcription is one of the key parts of almost every law firm in the world. Here's where transcription is for 2019 - are you ahead or behind the curve?

Transcription services for law firms are easier today than its ever been


For legal businesses - and indeed enterprise in all sectors - transcription is essential. Law firms are bound by some of the strictest confidentiality and   laws in the world and are held to the highest standards by their customers, who trust them with a range of highly sensitive information.

For law firms, though, documentation is the key to managing and processing high volumes of client data, including reporting evidence, case details and a lot of big data sets.

A lot of businesses have counted on manual transcription for their audio to text needs in the past. Heritage businesses like law firms often use outdated, manual methods of documentation in the name of data protection: because the data they deal with is so sensitive, legal businesses are hesitant to trust a software with that information unless it’s absolutely necessary.

While there are valid reasons for businesses to be wary of trusting software programs and artificial intelligence with sensitive information, modern technology like Trint’s automated transcription platform gives the security and trust that businesses need. Trint isn’t just faster and more resource friendly, it’s safer, too.


The audio to text legal workflow

Automated transcription services in today’s world - built from the ground up by Trint’s experts - provides organizations around the world with the platform they need to streamline their transcription workflow. It’s extremely difficult for legal teams to perform at the top of their game and keep outgoings to a minimum, which is why optimizing the way team members work is essential.

Thanks to intelligent transcription software from Trint law firms can convert audio to text in minutes without spending money on an external team. Keeping things in house and costs low? That’s smart business sense.


Converting audio to text can be automated for law firms


There’s a range of roles within the legal sector that count transcription as a necessary part of their success. Court reporters, paralegals, attorneys, assistants and receptionists all reap the benefits of automated transcription software in their day-to-day, saving valuable time, money and resources in getting their job done. Proceedings move fast in courtrooms, and reporters can’t afford to skip a beat in recording events as they unfold. Manual note-taking just doesn’t cut it in modern courtrooms: thanks to automation and AI, audio recordings of court sessions can now be transcribed intelligently and accurately, creating fully searchable transcripts that legal teams can collaborate on.


How does transcription boost a legal team?

There are a lot of advantages to adding automated transcription to your legal workflow. Transcription software is a tool that streamlines workflows, as well as saves time, resources and money. All law firms want to  ; once you’ve navigated the waters of getting your firm off the ground, you have to think about growth opportunities.

To grow your business, all workflows have to be optimized for maximum efficiency. Creating a lean, productive team is the key to working towards growth at pace. AI transcription services speed up any workflow it’s a part of, and Trint’s transcription software converts audio to text in minutes, compared to the lengthy process of manual transcription.


Legal transcription comes in different forms, like witness statements, depositions and court reporting


Real-world examples of transcription software for law firms

Witness statement transcription

When representing a client for a case, lawyers need every single detail of the crime or event they’re covering. This means getting to grips with detailed witness statements from both your client and from any opposition. Thanks to transcription software, you can create accurate transcripts of witness statements that are fully searchable, so you can get to what’s important without delay.


Court recording

Court proceedings often move really fast, and traditional note-taking won’t help you create accurate, helpful transcripts of events. If you want to keep up with every single detail of what took place, you’ll need a voice recorder and Trint’s online transcription service.


Back to business

Your law firm is a business, and you shouldn’t forget it. Documentation is vital to law firms - you’re discussing some very sensitive and important matters on the part of people that trust you, so make sure you keep your documentation looking ship shape. Recording and transcribing important stakeholder meetings is a breeze with Trint.


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