Why audio to text should be in your workflow management system

It's not easy to monitor your team's workflow. But with audio to text transcription in the process, start to finish happens faster and for a lot less money.

July 20, 2019

Audio to text technology is a key addition to any business arsenal. All organizations should invest in smart technology to streamline workflows, save time and create a productive environment. We live in a modern era where efficiency is boosted by the power of automation and robotics, and any enterprise that fails to take advantage of a technical boost is falling behind. 

Simply speaking, transcription technology converts audio and video files to text. Though this might seem like a minor part of a business, a lot of organizations need transcription services for documentation of important meetings, creation of captions and subtitles for video content, and market research. Chances are transcription is a bigger part of your enterprise than you realize, and it’s an area you can streamline with technology.

Working effectively and productively should be a goal for any business. Productivity is particularly important within journalism since it’s such a competitive sphere - adding in extra steps and wasting time on lengthy workflows is just not an option. Business leaders should be laying out a workflow management system that optimizes processes from the ground up, ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Transcription technology is an essential part of any business - though often overlooked, audio to text transcription helps teams across your business save time and money. Your creative team will use transcription technology to create subtitles and captions for video projects, ensuring video content is accessible to all audiences. For management, transcription is a great tool for documenting stakeholder meetings, keeping track of key decision making meetings and documenting progress. Put simply, transcription is key to any workflow management system.


What is a workflow management system?

A workflow management system helps business leaders oversee the progress of their teams, ensuring maximum output and optimizing workflows to create the most productive environment for everyone. Workflow management systems are typically software programs that let business managers and senior teams consolidate the progress of their teams, analyzing which workflows are working effectively and monitoring how each team is working towards overarching business goals.


Audio transcription services online make enterprises efficient and productive


Workflow management systems should monitor a range of tools across the business, keeping track of how effective they are and ensuring they’re working to the advantage of your team. All tools your business has invested in should be added to your workflow management system and monitored for effectiveness over time, ensuring the expense is worth it. Workflow management systems allow for quick and easy reporting on ROI across your various tech investments.


Transcription as a workflow enhancement tool

Workflows are designed to get your business from A to B in as little time as possible. Keeping costs, resources and time in check is key to keeping your business in the black - workflows help you keep a close eye on your bottom line. Audio to text platform Trint saves teams time, money and resources on any project, enhancing the productivity of teams that use it.

Let’s take a look at three key use cases for Trint as part of a workflow management system.


The Newsroom

Journalists around the world fight it out for eyeballs on the global stage in this age of the Internet. Today’s news is instant - we receive updates in real-time from sources across the globe, so if you’re putting out late news it’s not going to get consumed. This piles the pressure on workflow management systems in the newsroom - streamlining workflows and cutting as much lead time as possible on stories is essential to keeping pace with the pulse of global news. 

Trint integrates with journalism workflow management systems by automatically and intelligently transcribing interview audio and video, creating fully searchable transcripts that allow journalists to find the information they’re looking for in seconds. Trying to find the moment from an interview when the subject said the word “Mississippi”? A quick search of a Trint will show you exactly where it is, complete with time code. Thanks to collaboration tools and access controls, team leaders and managers can oversee transcription projects as they unfold, editing and approving in real-time to get that story to press without delay.


Workflow management systems should use online audio to text services


Market Research

Market research and UX teams gather, process and analyze a ton of big data sets. This can range from quantitative to qualitative data, and it’s the long-form data that Trint can help with. As part of a market research workflow management system, Trint creates accurate transcripts of interviews and focus group conversations in minutes, creating valuable text versions of audio content for analysis that are fully searchable. Teams can collaborate and review projects as they progress, actively analyzing essential data in a streamlined and organized way that gets to the important data instantly.


Video content creators have their work cut out for them when it comes to managing workflows. There’s a lot to oversee when it comes to creating an end product in a video production studio, and workflow management systems are essential to monitoring progress and assigning tasks as the project unfolds. Managers can use Trint to oversee video transcription projects within the captioning and subtitling workflow, ensuring that accessibility is ticked off the to-do list before the video is produced and published. Trint’s productivity platform also lets producers oversee the content that’s going into the final cut, collaborating with video editors to find the moments that matter.

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