3 ways to introduce automation to your business

Here's how automation software removes the mundane parts of professionals' jobs, letting them focus on creating incredibly engaging work in a lot less time.

July 1, 2019

Are you still manually note-taking at your key meetings, and transcribing by hand? Are your business workflows being held up by a lack of techie assistance? Your business could use a step in the right direction when it comes to automation.

We live in an age when computer software can take care of the small manual tasks that hold us up. In business we all have 1,001 things on our to-do list, and being able to take the weight of small tasks off and pass it to the capable powers of automation is vital to living our most productive lives at work. Automation has reached a stage in today’s world where it’s powerful enough to streamline your business workflows, increase the productivity and output of your team and ultimately boost business growth. The time of  slow Internet speeds and clunky software making automation more of a nightmare than a help are finally behind us.

Introducing automation to your business might seem like a big task, but it’s a worthy one. Every business on the planet stands to benefit from the wonders of modern tech, and today’s companies that don’t take advantage of machine learning and automation are a world behind. If you haven’t taken the plunge and let automation revolutionize your business workflow management, it’s time to seriously consider the benefits.


How do you introduce automation to your business?

Your business workflows can be optimized and streamlined to let your team focus on the important stuff - like the things you actually pay them to do. Thanks to automation, your workforce stands to see a huge boost in productivity and efficiency, two of the most popular and most important words in business. When you consider the benefits of automation, it’s hard to ignore.


Keep the gears turning by automating regular processes in your business


Here’s how to introduce automation to your business workflows in the most effective ways possible:


Go for the pain points

Technology for the sake of technology isn’t a solid investment. When you’re finding out how best to streamline processes and boost productivity, your team needs to identify the pain points in their current processes. What’s holding people up? Which tasks do people feel are outside of their core role or take up unnecessary time? Which tasks take people away from their work? Getting to the bottom of where your business’ problems lie is a great way of highlighting where automation can help out. If you find, for example, that a member of your creative team is taking time out from brainstorming sessions to manually transcribe notes from a meeting, you can identify transcription as a pain point for your business and get Trint in to lend a helping (automated) hand.


Map out your workflows

Your business should have a set of core key goals that each member of your team works towards - every single business workflow should exist to reach these goals. Getting your team together to map out how each team’s specific business workflow is helping realize those goals is key to understanding the gears that push your organization along. Once you fully understand how each workflow is meeting your core objectives, you can get up-close and personal with your processes to work out which areas need to be streamlined. There are bound to be some old processes in place that can be sped up by automation - lay everything out and tighten up the loose links.


Automated speech to text software for business can save businesses time


>Be inclusive and transparent

Clear communication from the top down is the key to any successful workplace. When you’re looking to introduce automation to business workflows across your organization, you need buy-in from the people who will actually be using the systems: your employees. Listen to their feedback on how things are running and act on any areas they feel need improvement. Make sure they’re involved in the ongoing maintenance of the systems, too. Give the reins of the operation over to key stakeholders in each team for upkeep, tracking the workflows as they boost efficiency and productivity. Your business is a team effort - take advantage of that.


Automation could be your business’ new superpower - trust us, we’re experts. Trint helps businesses around the world realize the true value and potential of their audio content when the hassle of manual transcription is removed. By taking care of the transcription process with the power of artificial intelligence and automation, Trint lets creative teams focus on the content itself instead of the time wasted in getting it typed up.


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