Trint for the academic workflow

Academic transcription services have been revolutionized.  Upload qualitative research recordings and get back academic interview transcripts in minutes. Trint stitches each word in the  transcript to the original audio file so you can:

  • Easily verify to build a 100% accurate transcript
  • Quickly code & tag transcripts with highlights & comments
  • Seamlessly import into academic analysis software using CSV export
  • Ensure sensitive data is confidentially & ethically stored

Trint uses highly secure artificial intelligence to convert audio & video to text for academic transcripts you can trust.

app for iPhone

With Trint on your iPhone, you can securely record, upload and transcribe research interviews from anywhere.


Research tech tools for productivity

You have a research angel on one shoulder and a research devil on the other. The angel tells you to meet deadlines; the devil tells you to Google cat videos. Use this list of research productivity tools to stay on track, you’ll be on your way to research heaven in no time.
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Qualitative vs. quantitative research: a guide

Qualitative and quantitative research are the foundation of all research, and knowing how to use each of them is the first step in getting high-quality, analyzable data. If you’re looking for a definitive guide to the difference between qual and quant, look no further: we’ll take you through what makes each different and how to use each one for the best results.
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How to prepare for a focus group interview

Focus groups are crazy valuable – but only when done right. You have lots of different opinions and thoughts, all bouncing off each other, and they’ll give you mountains of qualitative data. To make sure they’re worth it, you don’t just have to prepare for focus groups, but you have to prepare right. Wondering where to begin? We’ll show you how.
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