Trint for your user research workflow

Interview transcription services have been revolutionized. Upload market research and UX recordings and get back marketing interview transcripts in minutes. Trint glues each word in the transcript to the interview audio so you can:

  • Annotate multiple transcripts with highlights & comments
  • Collaboratively edit transcripts with your team
  • Quickly share for fast analysis & actionable insight
  • Extract insights by exporting comments or highlights to CSV, then import straight into qualitative analysis tools

Trint uses artificial intelligence to convert video and audio to text, giving you interview transcripts you can trust.

app for iPhone

With Trint’s mobile app for iPhone, you can capture, upload and transcribe research interviews from anywhere in the world.


A beginner's guide to qualitative vs. quantitative research

There’s not just one way to find out what your users think. There are surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews – and that’s just the start. But it’s important to know what kind of data is going to give you the best insight. A good place to begin is figuring out whether qualitative research will answer your company’s most urgent questions, or if quantitative research will tell you what changes you need to make first. If you’re in the dark on qual vs. quant, this is the best place to start.
Qual vs. quant


How to prepare for a focus group interview

Picture this: in the same amount of time as your morning commute, you can have direct feedback from two, three, ten, 15 users, ready to take back to your marketing or product team and start optimizing. This is all possible with focus groups, one of the best ways for marketers and UXers to get a lot of qualitative data in a short span of time. But the key to getting the most out of a focus group is preparation – and we’ll show you how.
Prepare for a focus group


Software that's perfect for research productivity

Before you start any user research process, you need to prepare for the mountain of juicy data you’re about to get. Keeping both your schedule and your data organized may seem like boring market research housekeeping, but unless you have the tools in place before you start, you’ll soon be buried under your interview transcripts. Read this list of tools that will make you the champion of any research interview project.
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