Trint in your video workflow

Video editing will never be the same. Drop video files into Trint for transcripts in minutes. Trint stitches the words in the transcript to the video so you can: 

  • Quickly find keywords and quotes
  • Use with video editing software
  • Publish videos online with our embeddable player
  • Integrate into your video workflow process with formats like .srt .vtt, .edl, AVID DS, Spruce STL and .xml
  • Export the video transcript as subtitles or captions

Trint uses powerful artificial intelligence to convert video into text for transcripts you can verify and trust.

Trint's free caption & subtitle extension for Adobe® Premiere® Pro

For the smoothest and easiest video captions and subtitles, use Trint’s free extension for Adobe® Premiere® Pro. Export your video transcripts with timecodes in multiple formats, including VTT, SRT, XML and EDL, then add them to your video content in seconds. Watch this video to see how easy Trint’s caption extension for Adobe Premiere makes adding captions to video.

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The spoken word is now searchable

In two years, video content will make up 80% of online traffic. Yet video content can’t be discovered. Online search doesn’t work…until now.

The Trint Player changes online video forever. Video is stitched to text – think karaoke:

  • Combines a video player and interactive transcript
  • Click on a word to see that part of a video
  • Follow along as the words are spoken
  • Video content instantly becomes accessible
  • Video can be watched without sound

So simple. So revolutionary.


Find keywords and quotes in seconds

Struggling to find that perfect quote or keyword in your video content? By converting your videos to transcripts, you can quickly search, edit and publish your video content without scrubbing through hours of footage. Find the perfect sections of your video in minutes and produce your final cut faster than ever.
Find out how automated transcription works


Video that’s searchable on Google

Video transcripts are your secret weapon when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Google can’t “see” the words in a video, but it can see the words in your transcript. When you post your transcript with your video, you’ll give your video content the best chance of being on the coveted first page of Google’s search results.
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Easy video captions with XML, SRT & VTT exports

Adding captions to your video means it can be watched with or without sound – while riding the bus in the waiting room, anywhere. In fact, videos with captions get up to 40% more views. And the more people a video reaches, the more people see your story. Trint makes it easy to add captions to your videos in moments: export your transcriptions to SRT, VTT, XML or EDL in seconds.
Here’s how transcription streamlines captions

Case studies

31 Hours:
Trint & The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times had to transcribe over 31 hours of interviews. Quickly. And affordably. See how automated transcripts of video files helped them to produce their award-winning documentary on time and within budget.

Trint Enterprise:
The Associated Press

More than 600 video journalists at The Associated Press use Trint to produce better content more quickly, making it easier to tell their stories faster. Trint Enterprise gives them access to Trint’s full suite of features and integrates into AP’s proprietary software.

Video producers who use Trint

Trint app
for iPhone

With our iPhone app, your field teams can get audio transcripts back to you before they’ve left the shoot location


“Trint is a really exciting product and one everybody should be thinking about adopting in their newsrooms in one way or another.”

James Brooks Associated Press

“I’ve actually produced more content because I’ve got a longer amount of time to do it.”

Emilio-Garcia Ruiz, Managing Editor

James Brooks, Video Journalist

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