Trint 2.0: coming to the GEN Summit

June 14th, 2017 - Written by Trint

We’re constantly working on improving Trint, but today we’re proud and excited to announce a major change.

Cue: Drumroll!

We are unveiling a major upgrade to the Trint interface and our core innovation the Trint Editor.

We share the view that innovation is iterative. That’s why we followed the well-worn path of launching, testing and improving continuously. But we could still clearly see the day ahead when Trint would be ready for a step change.

After surveying users and analyzing usage habits, we concluded we could make Trint smarter and easier. That’s why last fall we began the journey to build Trint 2.0, a brand-new interface for Trint that would be still as easy and intuitive, but smoother, faster and more efficient.

We’re not going to lie: it took a lot of hard to work to get where we are, and there’s still a lot to be done. But for now we’re excited beyond words to unveil Trint 2.0 at the GEN Summit next week.

What a fascinating journey it has been.

Trint 2.0 early sketches

Our early adopters have been invaluable in providing feedback and tips about what works, what confuses them and what would make Trint even better. We are awed by the devotion of our user base. They are constantly sending us suggestions for improvements and enhancements. We see it as a sure sign that we have done something right, but we can do even better.

The core difference between our current interface and Trint 2.0 is this: we based Trint 2.0 on what our users told us they want and what our analysis told us would make the platform even better. While we love Trint 1.0, we knew this would mean rethinking the entire journey for users. We stripped Trint to its core: an efficient, innovative platform for transcribing, editing and publishing recorded content.

Stripping Trint to its core

We’re now finalizing the last bits of what turned out to be a massive redesign of the platform. The team is hard at work, but we are almost there. And we can’t wait to open it up to everyone and hear what our users think.

We’ll be previewing Trint 2.0 in its final form for all GEN Summit attendees this week together with our newest feature: the Trint Player. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter (@TrintHQ) for all the latest news.

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