Trint Enterprise|

By far the best automated transcription service”

Trint’s Key Innovation

A word processor married to an audio/video player

Trint begins with automated transcription but goes much further, seamlessly integrating recorded voice into existing technologies for end-to-end workflow solutions

Enterprise ROI

Fast transcripts



Secure content

Trint transcribes in 13 European languages

A Powerful Innovation Roadmap

Trint is a new language for audio and video in the 21st century, to make it searchable, discoverable and accessible

Trint Mobile: iPhone App|

  • Record
  • Upload
  • Share
  • Instantly mark key moments
  • VoIP: transcribe phone calls


  • Work simultaneously
  • Publish content sooner
  • Connect teams around the world

The Trint Player|

  • Collaborate
  • Correct
  • Distribute
  • Discover

AI-Powered Translation (2019)

Google DNI Fund: €300,000 grant Adds automated multilingual translation

Case Study:
The Associated Press

  • 3 month pilot
  • Average of 736 files uploaded every 30 days
  • 54% time savings

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