How the Trint Player will change the Internet

June 19th, 2017 - Written by Trint

Our objective has always been to make media professional’s workflows easier and more efficient. The very first step to that was to erase the black hole of manual transcription from the equation. We’ve done that, but we knew it was just the beginning.

More than 80% of the content online is recorded talk. Yet it remains unsearchable and undiscoverable for search engines and for users. We decided it was time to change that.

Trint Player Wireframe

The end goal was clear: recorded content has to become easily discoverable, searchable and shareable. The process had to be as smooth and quick as possible, the interface easy-to-use and intuitive.

The Trint Player is the result of the determination of our team to create a tool that would revolutionize the way recorded content is consumed. We’re not too shy to say: we’re very proud of it!

Content creators can now turn a “trinted” transcript into searchable, discoverable and shareable media on the Internet with the source audio/video glued to the text. Users can search a word, click on it, hear it and watch it. Then they can share it on social media (initially Twitter and Facebook.)

It’s really easy to use!

You need an account ( Once you’ve uploaded your recorded content and verified it on Trint you can export it to the Trint Player. In this first generation, the Trint Player works with YouTube. You simply upload the original video (or audio with an image) to YouTube and get the embed link.

Trint Player in action

Then you copy it into the Trint Player generator on Trint. You’ll get a snippet of web code you can easily copy into your website. Instantly you’ll have a pre-formatted player on your website and your recorded content comes to life.

We will put the Trint Player to good use at the GEN Summit in Vienna by ‘trinting’ some of the key sessions at the and then publishing them to the GEN website. The best bits of the summit will be at your fingertips like never before. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter : @TrintHQ. To be among the first to get access to the Trint Player, click here.

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