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Developer (London)
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What happens when an Emmy-winning war correspondent goes looking for a new challenge? He partners with a team of brilliant web media developers to transform the way content is extracted from recorded audio and video.

Trint™ is the startup that blows manual transcription out of the water. Its browser-based platform converts audio or video file to text in just minutes. Then Trintʼs interactive editor marries audio to the text, making it easy to search and polish transcripts to perfection. Hours of tedious labour are reduced to just minutes. Users can add captions in one click and effortlessly make the content of their recordings searchable and shareable. And we have a lot more tricks up our sleeves!

Wired magazine calls
Trint “Amazing!”

After 21 months of intensive development Trint launched commercially in September 2016. Our browser-based transcription software has taken the media market by storm: early adopters include ESPN, Vice News, The Washington Post, Thomson Reuters and CNBC to name a few. Growth has been double digit and far ahead of projection. With a £2.4M funding round just completed, led by Hong Kong-based Horizons Labs and backing from Googleʼs Digital News Initiative, some serious innovation is underway. At the Global Editors Network Summit in Vienna in June 2016 Trint won first prize in the Startups for News competition for its automated transcription software.

Who we are

We’re proactive, supportive and positive. We are excited by challenge. We believe in innovation. We don’t believe in blame. We are growing fast, tripling the team to 30+ including 10 developers and expanding marketing and sales.