Supercharge your team’s content creation

With Trint, you can quickly convert audio & video files into text that is editable, searchable and collaborative. So your teams can work together in real time and easily turn the moments that matter into articles, soundbites, scripts and podcasts faster than ever.

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Break stories before your competitors

With live transcription in more than 40 languages, easy rough cut editing, as well as Shared Drives and API connectors – you just left the competition in your wake.

Be way more efficient

AI-powered transcription and a suite of time-saving content productivity tools mean you can do a lot more with less, while easing any budgetary pressures.

Keep sensitive data safe

No one sees your data but you. ISO 27001 certification, fine-grained user access permissions and SSO integration give you and your partners peace of mind that
data is secure.

See value from day zero

A dedicated Customer Success partner helps your team immediately get the most out of Trint. Easy onboarding, regular usage reviews and anytime support means you’ll never want to live without Trint again.

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