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Pioneered by Emmy Award-winning reporter Jeff Kofman, Trint is an AI-powered SaaS platform created to help journalists and storytellers avoid the pain and frustration of manual transcription.

Today, Trint’s AI-powered speech-to-text services have grown into a collaborative content platform not just for newsrooms, but creators of all kinds. With intuitive features from on-the-go live transcription and real-time collaboration tools to instant translations and video captioning. 

In this eBook, you’ll find a selection of case studies that showcase how news and media organizations across the world are using Trint everyday. Download today and discover how Trint can make your content creation faster, easier and, most importantly, painless.

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“Using Trint, I'm four times faster in bringing content from a recording to an article.”Florian Hueckelheim, director de redacción comercial de Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group

«Mi trabajo como productora de pódcast sería mucho más difícil sin Trint». - Abigail Keel, Senior Producer, Stitcher

«Hay infinidad de maneras en las que puedes utilizar Trint para crear contenido de manera mucho más eficiente y práctica». - Bret Kerr, Video Production Manager, Mimecast