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The people and technologies behind storytelling

StoryTech takes you on an inspiring journey, looking at how technology shapes the way we tell stories. Each week, StoryTech’s host Jeff Kofman speaks with influential storytellers across industries and generations - discussing how technological innovation has inspired and impacted their careers.

From ground-breaking journalists on the front lines, to the directors of award-winning TV shows and people behind Broadway's biggest hits.

Ted Koppel reporting for ABC News from Vietnam in 1967: The first televised war
The camera operator is using a 16mm Auricon film camera. Each reel lasted 10 minutes. To be broadcast to the audience back home the film had to physically travel to Saigon, then transfer to Tokyo, then transfer to Los Angeles and finally New York. At Kennedy Airport in New York a motorcycle courier would rush the footage to West 66th St, where it was processed in a bath of chemicals before the film could be  edited and assembled for broadcast. It was 2-3 days before the footage could be broadcast.

“This is a personal journey I want to share. I spent the first 30 years of my career as a broadcast journalist, foreign correspondent and war correspondent, and the last eight years as founder and CEO of Trint - a tech company focused on transcription and streamlining the workflow of storytelling.

“We have seen so much technological change come at us so fast. The idea behind this podcast is to go on a journey with you, exploring how those changes have shaped what we watch, what we read, and what we listen to.”

Jeff Kofman
Trint founder and CEO

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Featured storytellers for season one

Visionary director Jeremy Podeswa talks about his experience as one of the lead directors of the global phenomenon Game of Thrones. He shares how CGI technology helped HBO’s most successful series come to life. Jeremy directed the most memorable sequence of Game of Thrones: the fall of the ice wall. He tells us how he did it.

Legendary news broadcaster Ted Koppel shares his experiences covering the Vietnam war in the late 1960s and how 16mm film brought the conflict to American TVs for the first time. A technological leap that forever changed war reporting and the impact it has on viewers back home.

Two-time Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Stacey Mindich was the creator and lead producer of the hit musical Dear Evan Hansen. She explains how social media became the show's "ninth character" and the technology used to make it come to life on stage.

The people behind StoryTech

StoryTech is produced by Trint, Antica Productions and The Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in association with WAER-Syracuse, an NPR member station.

Senior producer: Kevin Sexton
Associate producer: Emily Morantz
Mixing and sound design: Mitchell Stuart
Theme music: Josh Spear
President of Antica Productions: Stuart Coxe
Executive producers: Laura Regehr
Executive producer and host: Jeff Kofman

If you have story ideas, suggestions or thoughts for a future episode of StoryTech, you can message Jeff directly at

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