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Why choose trint?

Our DNA is storytelling

Our Founder Jeff Koffman is an Emmy Award winning war correspondent who got tired of transcription grinding stories to a halt.

We know the pain, so rest assured you’ll see results from day one.

Stay ahead of competitors

Trint is purpose-built to not only transcribe but also craft and publish great content faster, all within one easy-to-use platform.

Be first to break the story and leave your competitors lagging behind.

Keep your data safe

Unlike other transcription solutions, with Trint no one sees your data but you. And we offer a choice of data storage locations for compliance.

Everything you need to protect sensitive information.

AI-powered transcription and so much more!

Transcribe live on web and mobile
Share live transcription feed with colleagues for real-time collaboration
Automatic language detection on live transcription for multi-lingual events
Transcribe content from recorded audio and video files
AI-powered transcription in 40+ languages
Automated translation into more than 50 languages for global reach
Editable closed captioning in a click for accessible content
Find, cut, and organize key sound bites into a rough cut
Collaborate with team mates with a secure, easy-to use shared drive
Total peace of mind that no machine or human is accessing your files

"We couldn’t be happier with our Trint experience. It works beautifully for our purposes, transcribing documentary production interviews and creating transcripts of our finished programs."

Les Guthman, Director & Producer, XPLR Productions

"Trint's artificial intelligence transcription platform is easy for journalists to use and saves time, which is crucial to our fast-paced work."

Justin Bank, Managing Editor, The Washington Post

"We grew team productivity really fast after launch. We eliminated a 3-month backlog and now turn work around in near real-time."

Daren Gillespie, Senior Network Administrator, Nebraska State Legislature

“Trint is one of the easiest-to-use pieces of software we have”

Sarah Feldberg, Editor for Emerging Products & Audio, San Francisco Chronicle


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