How content automation can accelerate your content creation

If you're still manually typing up your transcripts, you're doing it wrong. Boost your output and speed up time to publish with content automation.
March 1, 2021

From dial-up internet to autocorrect, automation has made our lives easier, and the business world is no different. There are plenty of automation tools out there, all designed to speed up your manual processes for a hassle-free life. And while there are lots of areas of your business that you can automate, we're focusing on content automation.

What is content automation?

Put simply, content automation is the tech behind making manual content processes, automatic. It simplifies repetitive and tedious tasks so humans don't have to do them. Think out-of-office emails, scheduled publishing tools or automated transcription. From content creation to proofreading and delivery, you can automate the entire content lifecycle

What are the benefits of content automation?

Today's marketing teams face huge pressure to up their content in less time, while growing their outreach and cutting costs. We're all consuming content faster than ever and teams need the tools to keep up with the demand. Automation is the way forward.

Save time and money

The age-old 'time is money, and money is time' rings true now more than ever. While your content team is busy manually pulling reports, reviewing campaigns and writing follow-up emails, they can't do what they do best: create awesome content - content that sells. Invest in content automation and free your creative teams from laborious processes, so they can focus on high-level tasks. Trust us, your team will thank you.

Boost creativity

Carrying out the same manual tasks over and over is tedious and, let's be honest, boring. It's physically and mentally draining. So why take up your team's time with manual work? Let your creative teams be just that: creative. Taking away manual tasks through content automation will energize your teams and help get their creative juices flowing again. By automating key content functions, your team can spend more time focusing on the content itself, boosting productivity and creativity.

Streamline your content creation

Every stage of the content workflow can take hours. Take customer stories. It's not just a case of typing up a bunch of quotes after a quick phone call. Researching your customer, preparing questions and the interview itself can take hours - and that's before you can even think about starting the write-up. Manually transcribing, writing, editing and polishing all take time - time your content teams don't have. 

Human bottlenecks make collaborative workflows unbearably slow and painful. Identifying the blocks in your content production workflows will help you quickly address the issues. Automating just one of those tasks will streamline your content creation and help improve communication between teams and departments.

How does Trint's automated transcription help?

Trint unlocks the value and potential of audio and video content by removing the hassle of manual transcription. By automating the transcription process, Trint lets creative teams focus on the content itself instead of wasting time manually typing. Important meetings, research calls and customer interviews can be attended by everyone, without the hassle of manual transcription and note-taking. Trint lets teams work together seamlessly on transcription projects, thanks to its core collaborative software. Projects can now be tackled and reviewed by the team all in one place, making the process much more efficient.

Automate your content workflows  with Trint.


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