Introducing our ‘How To Trint’ video series

Take a tour across our web and mobile platforms to learn how easy it is to speed up and simplify your content creation with Trint.
September 20, 2023

New to Trint? Then let Ronald Mawad, Trint's Global Director of Customer Success, take you on a full tour of Trint's web and mobile platforms. Showing you around every feature and how to make the most of them - from transcribing files and editing text, to collaborating live and creating articles and rough cuts.

Read on for a quick overview of some of the key videos that show you 'How To Trint':


Transcribe audio, video or broadcast streams with Trint

Creating fast and accurate transcriptions is at the heart of Trint, and this short video shows you how easy it is to transcribe audio or video files with Trint, or transcribe broadcast streams live with Trint Realtime.

Take a tour of the Trint Editor

The Trint Editor makes it super easy to review, edit and collaborate on your transcripts. Let Trint's Global Director of Customer Success show you around every feature including adding highlights, comments and sharing transcripts.

Learn how to handpick quotes with Story Builder

Once you have reviewed your transcript and found any key quotes, Story Builder makes it easy to turn those key moments into articles, podcast outlines and video rough cuts. Take a watch to see how it works.

Transcribe and review on the go with Trint’s Mobile app

Learn how to capture and transcribe audio live from your phone, as well as access and collaborate on your transcripts from anywhere. All with the Trint mobile app for Android and iOS. 

Watch the full How To Trint video series over on our YouTube channel or take your own tour today by starting a 7-day free trial.

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