Create a killer video strategy: your ultimate video content creation guide

Seven top tips to create a killer video strategy for 2021. Use Trint's video content creation guide to create more videos, faster.
February 22, 2021

Video is booming and it's everywhere. In fact, it's become so successful as a marketing tool, that it can do more for your brand than any other content type. But don't take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves:

So you know video is the new trend, but how do you actually go about creating quality videos that your customers want to watch? Check our video content creation guide and find out how you can ace your video strategy.


1. What's your video strategy?

We know video is hugely popular and quickly becoming an important marketing tool, but creating a bunch of videos won't necessarily result in success. Understanding what you want to achieve early on will help you set the right strategy. Are you looking to raise brand awareness, promote a product or increase your subscribers? Understanding the purpose gives you a focus and a goal to work towards (and makes it all the more satisfying when you hit them). 

2. Three Act Structure

Successful videos are all about compelling, engaging content. One way to achieve that is through the Three Act Structure: Act I sets the scene and develops the characters, Act II introduces the conflict and Act III resolves and concludes the story. Using the Three Act Structure can help you tell compelling stories with an engaging narrative, and one that's sure to capture and hold your viewer's attention from beginning to end.

3. Be realistic with expectations

As advancements in technology have made it easier to produce quality content, they've also inflated expectations. We now expect great videos, fast and cheap. But the reality of video production makes it impossible to achieve all three. Co-founder of five-time Emmy Award winning Stillmotion and Sway Storytelling, Amina Moreau, explains that you need to decide which of those three you want to achieve, otherwise you'll face an uphill struggle trying to hit unrealistic expectations. Managing expectations early on makes for a smoother production process. 

4. Script it

Whether your video is a 30 second social media snippet or an hour-long documentary, be sure to script it. This helps your subjects stay on track, and on brand. This goes for live filming, too.

Video offers a great way to show off your subject or brand's personality, so stick to a conversational tone to make it more natural. Writing for text and writing for speech can be very different, so read the script out loud and listen out for anything that doesn't flow. If you wouldn't say, don't script it. 

Remember, the less effort or input required from your audience, the more popular your video will be.

5. Brand it

Videos give your brand a voice and help to create an emotional connection with the viewer. Within just a few minutes, you can give your customer or potential employee a view into your brand that traditional text-based marketing just can't do. 

6. Know your SEO strategy

All of your content should be optimized for search engines and your videos are no different. If your video isn't searchable, its potential distribution is limited. Uploading the transcript transforms your video into searchable and shareable content

Transcripts can be indexed by search engines like Google, meaning your audio and video files can rank for high-performing keywords. As transcripts tend to be lengthy texts, they often include a wealth of keywords, so posting your video alongside the full transcript can help your content scale SERPs. Plus, posting the transcript allows you to add backlinks, a crucial aspect of any SEO strategy.

7. Share it on social media

Social media and video are hugely popular in their own rights, but when you put them together, you've got an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Twitter for example has more than 2 billion video views a day, and video tweets attract ten times more engagement than non-video Tweets. Social media offers huge potential for visibility and gives users an opportunity for global exposure unlike any other medium. Take the video sharing platform, TikTok, which has 689 million monthly active users. Tap into that goldmine and your video could go viral.

Social media platforms are quickly becoming search engines in themselves, so optimizing your videos for social is a must. But how do you hit the coveted trending list? After all, you don't want your video to go unseen.

Captions and descriptions are really important, so take the time to get them right. Don't be afraid to try different things - test your CTAs, mix up your character length or try emojis. Take advantage of trending hashtags and make sure you're using the right tags to boost your search results across different platforms.

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