Customer Story: Handelsblatt Media Group

How editors across one of Germany’s leading news organizations are using Trint to create content up to four times faster.
March 31, 2023
“If I compare Trint to the way I used to do interviews, I'm four times faster in bringing content from a recording or my notes to an article that can be sent to colleagues for review.”

Florian Hueckelheim, head of business editorial at Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group, is talking about how Trint has helped improve the speed and accuracy of writing articles within his team.

“We use Trint whenever we need to turn some kind of audio into text,” he says. “If I have a 40-minute interview between two or three people talking, Trint definitely makes it easier to reconstruct the dialog afterwards and extract information without listening to every single word.

“That way it takes me 30 minutes instead of maybe 120, 150 minutes. And it's nice to see that there's a solution that can handle this for us.”

Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group create advertorials and sponsored content for clients of the wider Handelsblatt Media Group, Germany’s leading media organization for economic and financial information. Since his company first started a trial in 2017, Hueckelheim has seen Trint become integrated into workflows and a tool that he and his colleagues use day-to-day.

“Many of our editorial team now use Trint, and I know the Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche newsrooms have licenses too so that people can use Trint for both their paid and independent journalistic work.”

Accurate transcription for the German market

As a German news organization, editors at Handelsblatt Media Group are using Trint to transcribe their audio recordings in German. One of the 40+ transcription languages Trint offers to help save time and effort when creating content.  

“The German transcripts are good enough to be very useful,” explains Hueckelheim. “In German, just like in the English language, people may drop a syllable or make some words up. But if you read a line that looks strange, you can easily jump to that sentence and listen to the recording again to correct it. 

“That’s pretty nice. And we use the custom dictionary as well to add words that might come up in the transcription, which is a useful feature.”

Like any international news organization, it’s vital for Handelsblatt Media Group to confirm the accuracy of their writing. By reading a transcript alongside the audio in Trint, Hueckelheim and his team can always be confident that quotes reflect what was actually said.

“It’s kind of a safety feature for checking the value of your information as a small change can sometimes change the context drastically,” he says. 

“By recording and transcribing this way, you can just click on a sentence and check the audio instantly to make sure it’s totally right.”

Supporting content creation across the group

As an enterprise client for more than five years, Trint is now being used by different teams across Handelsblatt Media Group. “It’s kind of spread to several spots related to creating content, and there are people that love to use the Trint solution,” says Hueckelheim.

“Our speed and accuracy in working with audio-related content has really improved - not just for articles but also for transcribing podcasts. I know people at Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche who are using Trint in this way, which helps them easily reuse the content to promote the podcast or integrate into other articles.”

With video teams also using Trint’s Caption Editor to create subtitles, Handelsblatt Media Group are continuing to see value in Trint’s platform and ever-growing features. 

If you’re looking for accurate transcription in more than 40 languages, try Trint today by starting a free trial.

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