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How digital communication has changed the world of business forever

From emails to voice activation, the evolution of digital communication in business has changed the way we work forever.
September 10, 2021

Since the introduction of the internet, digital communication in business has evolved rapidly. From how we interact with colleagues internally to how we engage with clients and prospects, these technological advances have overhauled the world of business. It started with the introduction of email (a game-changer) and can now be seen in recent technology we take for granted, such as Zoom or Slack. Adoption happens quickly and technology we didn't realize we needed five years ago becomes a fundamental part of our workflow. 


Social media influences

Social media changed the face of modern-day business communication like nothing before it. Originally seen as a method to connect people, it's now key in how professionals interact with each other and businesses engage with customers. 

Platforms such as Facebook allow direct communication with your customers and the marketplace section allows for seamless selling of goods without the need for a website. Video platforms Instagram and TikTok allow effective organic advertising through conversation and recommendations by loyal followers. Implementing a strong hashtag alongside your product will aid brand identity. Those not jumping on this digital adaptation quickly find themselves losing out to competitors.

LinkedIn sets itself apart as a platform exclusively for professionals and business owners. The number 1 platform for job hunters, over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their community of their career decision.


The power of voice

In the 21st century, time is precious. Sometimes there's no time to message back. So the voice note was conceived leading to a U-turn on the 'traditional text'. Allowing the flexibility of short, snappy messages without the time commitment of a phone call

The integration of spoken words and technology has even made its way into our homes, with Google and Alexa becoming commonplace. Voice-activation has even opened businesses to new opportunities thanks to Apple's integrated AI, Siri. From voice-activated financial transactions to Google map integration. Siri has multiple features that can help business owners.

Then there are speech-to-text tools like Trint that take away the headache of manual transcription and encourage collaborative working between teams across the world. The use of automated AI transcription saves professionals time and money compared to traditional human transcribers. Another way speech-to-text technology can aid media professionals is with subtitles. A key addition to any video content, adding these traditionally was a long-winded process, but modern digital technology takes the manual work out of video production.


The COVID-19 effect

Voice communication has never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social isolation and working from home created a shift in technology. Conference calling programs like Zoom became household names almost overnight. Now essential for remote business, Zoom meetings have increased during the pandemic by 535% - even the way we take minutes has evolved. Meeting transcription and recording programs are integral to fast-paced conference calls as they increase company transparency and allow collaboration between teams on a global level. 

IM (instant messenger) service Slack has revolutionized the remote working environment. Bringing teams and projects together. Many apps have now created integration tools with Slack to increase transparency amongst departments.


The future of communication 

So where will the evolution of digital communication technology take us next? Voice-activated communication is taking a prominent role in our homes, lives and businesses. Speech-to-text technologies like Trint will ultimately save time and streamline workflows leading to ever-evolving digital products and services.

Hybrid working has opened up the market to new developments in digital communication software. There is also no doubt that new and exciting AI and voice-activated products enter the market. Ultimately, voice recognition will optimize the way we work and socialize in ways we never would have imagined in the days when email was king.

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