How global media firms tell stories faster with Trint

Trint’s eBook brings together a selection of case studies that showcase how newsrooms, podcasters and media organizations across the world are using Trint everyday.
May 22, 2023

Trint started its life as a tool to help journalists and storytellers avoid the pain of manual transcription. Fast-forward to today and Trint is a solution that goes beyond transcription to boost every stage of the content creation workflow – from raw audio or video files to articles, podcasts, soundbites and video outlines.

In short, Trint is fast becoming a game changer for media organizations. But don’t just take our word for it. Read our latest eBook - Telling stories faster with Trint - and discover how global newsrooms, podcasters and media firms are supercharging their content creation with Trint.

Hear what Trint users have to say

While organizations across the media industry may approach their content differently, one thing that unites everyone is the need to tell stories quickly and efficiently. And as an enterprise-ready solution, that’s the edge Trint is offering our users.

From globally recognized newsrooms and publications to dynamic podcasting studios and international security firms, we’re proud to be helping some of the world’s top organizations create content smarter and faster. If you’re considering how Trint could help your business do the same, hearing their stories is a good place to start.

“Using Trint, I'm four times faster in bringing content from a recording to an article.”

Florian Hückelheim, Leiter der Business-Redaktion der Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group

„Mein Leben als Podcast-Produzent wäre ohne Trint viel schwieriger.“

Abigail Keel, leitende Produzentin, Stitcher

„Es gibt einfach unendlich viele Möglichkeiten, wie Sie Trint nutzen können, um Ihre Inhaltserstellung wirklich effizienter und intelligenter zu gestalten.“

Bret Kerr, Leiter der Videoproduktion, Mimecast


Download our eBook today and hear how Trint is making content creation faster, easier and, most importantly, painless.

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