Trint vs Rev

Learn why thousands of journalists, marketers, and businesses choose Trint as their content creation platform of choice. It's time to move beyond transcription, with Trint.

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Why choose Trint?

Create content anytime, anywhere

  • Transcribe audio or video in minutes
  • Playback, edit and review as easy as text document
  • Upload in 40+ languages, translate into more than 50

Craft your story with intuitive tools

  • Effortlessly find the moments that matter
  • Drag and drop to rearrange quotes
  • Collaborate on content in real time - all in one tool

Publish and
share content faster

  • Add closed captions in a click
  • Share edits for swift sign offs
  • Advanced file management and sharing experience
  • Export in multiple formats

AI-powered transcription, storytelling and security - all in one place

Trint vs Rev

Trint Rev
Transcribe content from audio and video.
Transcribe in more than 40+ languages on mobile or web.
Increase reach by instantly translating into more than 50 languages. ! Only for captions and subtitles, not transcriptions
Make your content accessible with editable closed captions in a click. ! Closed captions are created by freelancers, with up to 24 hrs delay
Focus on storytelling by combining key moments from multiple transcripts. ×
Create a back catalog of all your audio and video files that's easy to manage. ×
Make teamwork simple with real-time collaboration features. ×
Find key quotes in seconds with powerful, time-coded search. ×
ISO-certified security to keep your privacy and data secure at all times. ×
Total peace of mind that your data is not being used to train AI models. ×

Fast, accurate transcripts are just the start

From editable transcripts to instant translations, captions and real-time collaboration – Trint makes creating powerful content an effortless and seamless experience.

See how it works

Transcription and beyond