How to easily search your content library in Trint

Repurpose and reuse existing content with a click
October 10, 2022

It’s fair to say that the modern world is overrun by content. Anytime something happens that a brand or company can react to, there's an opportunity to create content and engage with your audience. But what happens after the moment has passed? Has this relatable content that took hours to create and share reached its shelf life?

With Trint’s AI-powered search function, giving your old content a second life couldn’t be simpler. In a click you can search your uploaded files and Trint library for any keywords, clips, tags or names. Allowing you to easily find moments that matter in seconds and get a chance to repurpose or reuse existing content before racing to create something new. 

Read on for a quick step-by-step guide to show you how to effortlessly search your uploaded files and Trint content library.


Search anytime, anywhere

To make searching in Trint super easy, you’ll always see the global search bar in the top right corner anywhere in the Trint web app. Or if you’re into quick shortcuts, just tap CTRL + / to bring up the search bar.

From here it’s pretty simple. Type in the words or phrases you want to search for and Trint will bring up results from across your Trint files in seconds (not just the page you’re on). Audio and video files you’ve uploaded, transcriptions you’re working on right now, captions you created last year – nothing will be missed out.

What’s more, by uploading your back catalog of audio and video files into Trint, you can create searchable transcripts of everything you’ve created in the past. Making it effortless to keep track of what you’ve done, so you don't have to recreate the same content twice.

Accurate results every time

Trint’s search engine helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, without sifting through things you don’t. 

  • To find a specific phrase or set of words, use the “ symbol at either end of your search. Like “The Washington Post” or “Summer Olympics 2022”.
  • To remove a word from the search results, use the – symbol. So if you would like to search for hello but exclude the name Matt, you would write Hello -Matt.

  • To find all words containing a part of a word or certain letters, you can use an asterisk *. Searching synth* for instance would come up with results including synth, synthesize and synthesis.

  • For more complicated searches, brackets ( ) can be used to manage your search terms. For example, (Sunny -day) | (Rainy -night) would bring up any documents that have Sunny but not day and Rainy but not night.

Tagging and clipping key moments

Important quotes and text from your transcripts can be noted as clips, allowing you to easily search and refer back to moments that matter across your Trint library.

To create a clip, open the transcript and select the portion of text you would like to remember. Now click the “Create clip” option in the pop-up menu above your selection. 

A new window will appear that shows the audio or video you want to clip. Type a name in the text box and press “Save”. Now click the “X” in the top corner to close the pop-up window and add your clip to the transcript.

You can add multiple clips to the same name to help organize key moments across all your transcripts. Then if you search for the clip name, you will instantly find related content across your Trint back catalog to be repurposed and reused once more.


That’s how you effortlessly search your content back catalog in seconds. If you’re not part of the Trint community yet, sign up for a 7-day free trial and try our end-to-end productivity platform today.

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