Why marketers and brands are turning to Trint

Trint helps marketers produce content for all their channels at pace
July 22, 2022

In 1996, Bill Gates told the world that "content is king" and would change the course of digital marketing. More than 25 years later, content continues to be a marketer's primary tool to attract customers and grow their audience. The challenge now however, is everyone else has the same idea.

From global brands and agencies to YouTubers, TikTokers and podcasters - anyone has the means to create and seed out their own dynamic content. So to stay on top, marketers at many of the world's biggest companies are turning to Trint. AI-powered transcription that converts raw audio or video into text in minutes.

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Meeting the demand for impactful content

As well as obvious benefits for transcribing interviews or event footage, Trint's easy-to-use editing tools are helping speed up content creation workflows. 

Assets and transcriptions are stored in one place so colleagues can easily collaborate in real time, from anywhere. Transcripts can then be reordered and refined as easily as editing a text doc- with features such as highlights, tags and comments to make teamwork seamless.

In minutes, captured audio and video can be transformed into blogs, podcasts and social content. Enabling marketers to quickly create and share on-the-pulse stories before the world moves on.

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Adapting content to reach every customer

By storing a library of audio and video assets in Trint, marketers are able to effortlessly repurpose existing content for a new audience. Transcripts can be easily searched to find the moments that matter, which can then be curated and reassembled into snappy audiograms, soundbites or videos worth sharing.

Content can also be translated into more than 50 languages and turned into editable video captions at the click of a button. Important for championing accessibility and cutting through social newsfeeds to grab attention, even with the sound off.

Trusted by businesses and brands across the world

"I just tried my first Trint transcript - it's flawless! 23 minute interview back in 2 minutes. WOW!"

- Sebastian White, Director Corporate Communications at jetBlue

„Nach der Einführung stieg die Produktivität unseres Teams sehr schnell. Wir haben einen dreimonatigen Rückstand aufgeholt und erledigen unsere Arbeit jetzt fast in Echtzeit – das haben wir mit Trint zum allerersten Mal geschafft.“

- Daren Gillespie, Senior Network Administrator at Nebraska State Legislature


To see how Trint could help you share powerful stories with customers quicker than ever, sign up for a free 7-day trial and start transcribing today.

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