Customer Story: Ogilvy Health

Learn how Trint has transformed Ogilvy Health's workflow
March 17, 2022

Ogilvy Health has a powerful mission. The creative agency, which specialises in communications for pharmaceutical clients, primarily focuses on telling patients' stories to a medical audience that includes healthcare professionals, carers and those affected by illness.

These stories are often told through video and, as they deal with vulnerable people, Covid-19 has created challenges. Before the pandemic, much of the filming was shot by suppliers who would also sort transcription. However, since then, the filming has been brought in-house and captured online, so suddenly, the Ogilvy team had a mountain of audio to transcribe.

Working  with Trint

Initially, Ogilvy used a manual transcription service to ease the load, but this took too long when the team needed to move at pace. 

So Ogilvy searched for an alternative and found Trint. The tech soon saved them significant time and costs: previously they waited two days to receive a transcript, now they get it in minutes.

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Working collaboratively

There were other benefits too. Trint gave writers a platform where they could all collaborate on transcripts simultaneously, allowing them to work through projects more quickly and meet clients' tight deadlines. 

Trint also provided a centralised space for all their transcripts so if any of the team needed to find moments from archive interviews, they could quickly search for relevant keywords.

Creating a smoother workflow

Finding the right footage and adding timecodes is a painful task. Often when excerpts are sent to an editor, they are still in five-minute chunks, which the editor needs to dig through.

After onboarding with Trint, this menial work became far more straightforward, with exact time-coded excerpts that the writers export into the format the editor needs for post-production.

Simon Stacey, Head of Video at Ogilvy Health, stated, "Overall, Trint turned what had purely been a transcription service into a workflow process that has saved us vast amounts of time and made us much more responsive."

Simon continued: "There are certain jobs we've had with tight turnarounds that we would not have been able to deliver if it wasn't for Trint. It has turned what would have been a week's worth of work into two days, which has allowed us to service clients in a way we haven't been able to before."


Telling a better story

Ultimately, Trint exists to help people tell better, more impactful stories. Simon's final point highlights this, "Let's say I have 40 minutes of footage, and I need to get a five-minute edit from it. It's easy to get down to 10 minutes and then move excerpts around to find the most powerful narrative. From there, it's simple to trim the fat around the story to get the required length."


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