World Teacher's Day: how Trint can enhance education

This World Teachers Day, explore how Trint can streamline education for both teachers and students.
October 5, 2021

Your school days, love them or hate them, there was always one stand-out teacher whose passion and integrity stays with you for life. World Teachers' Day, held annually on 5th October, celebrates the work that teachers, the world over, do for their students and communities. Introduced in 1994 by UNESCO, Teachers' Day opens up a conversation between experienced and aspiring educators to share knowledge, tools and experience. The day additionally highlights the importance of the role of educators in their countries' economic development.

Trint is proud to support educators and educational institutions on #WorldTeachersDay. For both in-class and virtual lessons, Trint offers numerous features to streamline the education process.


Audio, aural and visual learners

Teaching in person or virtually, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen educators adapt their style to suit 21st-century life. Introducing AI into that teaching workflow offers advantages to both students and educators. 

It is commonly understood that there exists 7 different learning styles. Recording videos of lessons will appeal to the audio, aural and visual learners in your class. Trint utilizes AI technology to take any video/ audio recording and generate a read-a-long transcript within minutes. A concise lecture library can then be stored digitally for future reference from both parties.

'Recording and transcribing my online lessons has enabled me to lesson plan with greater effectiveness than in the past. I can also utilize and adapt these lessons in future years of my career.'

V. Kerrisson, Educator, UK



Retaining the attention of students, especially in a remote environment, can be a complex barrier to overcome. Transcribing lectures and group discussions enables learners to revisit the session and refresh their minds about the content of the lesson. Additionally, Trint's world-class secure storage means that, unlike traditional written notes, transcripts are not lost and can be filed effectively.

World Teachers' Day and Trint


Student or teacher, collaborative projects arise during your educational career. Trint allows groups to effortlessly work together, leave notes and edit group work. Not only does this streamline workflow in a remote working world, but also optimizes students' time. Outside of education, collaborative working cements good habits for students moving into the workplace.

Modern teachers and students have had to adapt fast to optimize their educational journey in recent years. If you're an educator or part of an educational institution, discover how Trint can help you and your workflow this World Teachers' Day.

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