Record and transcribe on the go with Trint’s mobile app

Our redesigned mobile app helps speed up content creation with tools to capture audio, transcribe and verify text from anywhere.
January 18, 2023

We’ve worked hard at Trint to build tools and features to help speed up and enhance every stage of the content creation process. From transcribing audio or video with up to 99% accuracy, to effortlessly finding key moments within your text and crafting them into articles, podcasts and videos.

Now, with the launch of our new mobile app, Trint can help do even more to help boost your content workflows - by capturing audio directly from your phone, transcribing with a tap and sharing with colleagues anytime, anywhere.

Experience Trint’s new mobile app for yourself by downloading for iOS or Android. Or read on to discover more about its new features and functionality. 


Capture audio in more than 30 languages

Whether you’re conducting an interview, at an event or just want to remember a conversation, Trint’s mobile app gives you the ability to record audio from anywhere in over 30 languages. Point your phone in the right direction and give it a tap. 

When you’re done, Trint’s AI can begin transcribing instantly and will let you know when your transcript is ready to review. Just open the mobile version of our Trint Editor and playback your audio and text on screen to verify for accuracy, then share with others to begin collaborating at the touch of a button. Quick and simple.

From mobile to web and back again

With Trint’s new mobile app, working together couldn’t be easier. Any audio you capture and transcribe will be seamlessly synced with the Trint web app - giving you and your colleagues access to any recordings as they happen. And it works the other way too. Any transcripts that you’ve created, have been shared with you or are part of a Shared Drive you’re in, can also be viewed and listened back from your phone. 

This includes playback for both audio and video, as well as any additional formatting your colleagues may have added such as highlights or redacted text. What’s more, you can see any edits as they happen in real time - helping you effortlessly collaborate from anywhere and get your story out faster. 

Accessible the world over

Just like the Trint web app, our mobile app is designed to be a truly global platform to help speed up your content creation workflows. Capture and transcribe on the go in over 30 languages with Trint’s mobile app, then translate that content into more than 50 languages in an instant with Trint’s web app. Ready to review and share with the world.

For teams working in different countries, Trint is also available in English, French and German both online and on your phone. Ensuring your team can create content across borders with ease and without delay.

Get the perfect companion for your content creation by downloading the Trint mobile app today from the App Store or Play Store. Then log in and get full access to your Trint account on the go.

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