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Trint employee spotlight:Sam Styczynski

Fancy joining the Trint team? Read about Sam's experience when joining the company.
August 24, 2021

What do you do at Trint and when did you join?

I joined Trint in the fall of 2019 as a BDR (Business Development Representative), and I'm now settling into my CS (Customer Success) role, which I started in March. In my role I work alongside my subset of Enterprise accounts and make sure that they are set up for success with Trint. that they're getting the most out of the contracts they've signed with us, and that their users are all trained up, and to essentially retain those Enterprise customers year on year.


What has your experience and journey been like at Trint so far, from when you first joined to where you are now?

I started at Trint as a BDR, where my job was to go out there and make phone calls, send emails and LinkedIn messages to get people talking about Trint and to get people interested in our product. 

When I had my interviews with Trint, I just remember thinking that the interviewers were my kind of people. They put me at ease and made me feel really comfortable throughout the process, which really helped my confidence. We just got along really well, and I was so happy to accept the offer.

I really enjoyed the year and a half I spent in the BDR role. After exploring other departments available, I found that I was really interested in Customer Success. I got the sense that it would be a really natural next step for me.

I haven't looked back since! I really enjoyed BDR-ing, but I was ready for that next step. I'm just thankful that Trint was able to provide that for me and was able to support my career development in that way.


What kind of professional development support did you receive from Trint?

When I first started, the thing I noticed was how people were generous with their time. Even little things like Google Calendar, which was new to me at the time. To me, that's a huge piece of professional development that goes unnoticed. You can't say that about every company you join either.

Once I became specifically interested in the CS role, Ronald (Head of Customer Success), who was training a new member of the team at the time, dedicated hours of his week to help me prepare for the role. I mean, you can't ask for more than that. That's massive.


How would you describe the community at Trint?

I'd say we're very friendly. People are eager to socialize with each other and to participate in the social groups that we've started to form. I think that also just makes it that much easier to work with one another. 

I think having all of these different social groups is really massive for building relationships and teamwork. It's a really friendly environment and we work really hard. We used to have this phrase we would use in the office: we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves seriously. We hire people who take a genuine interest in the job and who can work well together.

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What's your favorite thing about Trint?

My favorite thing about Trint is that everybody's ideas are heard. You never feel intimidated to share your thoughts, and you never feel like you're not going to be listened to because Trint is confident in the people that we hire. Our leadership and our mid-level management teams are very encouraging of feedback, participation and diverse ideas.

We all come from different backgrounds, whether that's work or in our personal lives, and I think Trint genuinely values that and is always trying to find a way to complement the different perspectives we bring to the table.


If you could sum up your time at Trint in three words, what would they be?

This might get me on a bit of a tangent and may not necessarily be three words, but I would say foundational to my career. Finding Trint and my place within Trint really solidified my interest in working in the tech industry. In that sense, Trint has been massive for me in finding my place.

I'd also say Trint is fun. I love the feeling of having friends at work and genuinely wanting to go to work on Monday. 

The third way I'd describe Trint is that it's just been enriching in terms of my personal growth. I can't describe how much I've been able to learn at Trint; about the industry itself, about how to work effectively with others, and how to communicate. 


Anything else to add?

I've said this before but so many places will say 'Join us! You can grow your career here!' and then nothing comes out of it. Trint is really a company of their word. If they say you can grow your career at Trint, you can grow your career at Trint. 

For anyone new to a role at Trint, if you remain coachable, open-minded and hard-working, it will take you really, really far.

Interested in working for Trint? Check out our current vacancies in both London and Toronto here.

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