Careers at Trint

Work hard. Collaborate. Laugh. Be kind. Build cool stuff.
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Company values

We are dedicated to voice recognition

At Trint, everyone has a voice. We believe that different perspectives and different life experience build a better product and a better work environment. We celebrate teamwork, not heroes. We role model the behavior we want to receive. We're good to each other.

Ours is an audacious voice

We know that bold, passionate ideas excite and inspire all Trinters (our customers and our team) and give us a competitive advantage. We expect excellence; we love to solve big challenges and when we set a high bar, we aim to clear it. We're not embarrassed to say that what we do excites us.

Ours is a curious voice

We are lifelong learners. We believe that standing still is no different than moving backwards. We're a team that fails fast, but learns faster, and finds joy in progress over perfection.

We give voice to our customers

We are dedicated to making our customers happy. We aim to surprise and delight them. That means customer service that goes above and beyond expectations and product innovation that makes their lives easier - sometimes in ways they never imagined possible.

Our Team

    Our mission

    To liberate professionals from the menial so they can focus on the meaningful in the age of audio and video