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Founding story

Trint was born in an Airbnb in Florence, Italy, in 2014.

Founder Jeff Kofman, an Emmy Award-winning reporter and foreign correspondent, had lived with the frustration of manual transcription his entire career.

Libya Arab Spring 2011 - Frontline
Libya Arab Spring 2011 - Frontline
Gulf Oil Spill 2010 - At the recovery site
Gulf Oil Spill 2010 - At the recovery site
Greece Kalamata Free Diving
Greece Kalamata Free Diving

    In his 30 year broadcast career, Jeff reported from more than 40 countries, covering many of the biggest stories of his generation. He won two Emmys, a duPont Award and an Edward R. Murrow Award. He wanted to know why he was still transcribing interviews, speeches and news conferences in the 21st century the same way journalists did in the 1970s: manually.

    Jeff wondered whether there was a way to leverage the increasingly accurate output of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and speech-to-text to do the heavy lifting of transcription. After collaborating with a small team of developers, they invented the Trint Editor. Because he had lived the pain, Jeff instantly saw its potential.

    Trint serves customers both big & small around the globe

    Our platform connects teams for seamless, fast and secure content creation. Whether you’re transcribing one interview video or hundreds of marketing or HR audio files, Trint makes it easy to find, edit, and collaborate – saving time and money, and bringing joy back to your work day.

    It’s truly…
    Speech to Text
    to Magic

    Key milestones

    2014 Trint is born
    2015 Seed Funding Round
    2016 €50,000 grant from Google's Digital News Innovation Fund
    2017 Pre-Series A fundraising round
    2018 First Enterprise contract (The Associated Press), Second Google DNI grant €300,001
    2019 Series A fundraising round $4.5m, Realtime Transcription is released
    2020 Series A Acceleration round $6.7m, led by New York Times
    2021 100th employee joins Trint

    Leadership team

    Jeff Kofman CEO and Founder

    Brandon Mensinga Chief Operating Officer

    Odhrán McConnell Chief Technology Officer

    Wendy Orr VP of Product

    James Fincham Finance Director

    Karen Webb VP of People

    Alex Panetta VP of Sales

    Charlotte Morris VP of Marketing

    In the media

    Company values

    We are dedicated to voice recognition

    At Trint, everyone has a voice. We believe that different perspectives and different life experience build a better product and a better work environment. We celebrate teamwork, not heroes. We role model the behavior we want to receive. We're good to each other.

    Ours is an audacious voice

    We know that bold, passionate ideas excite and inspire all Trinters (our customers and our team) and give us a competitive advantage. We expect excellence; we love to solve big challenges and when we set a high bar, we aim to clear it. We're not embarrassed to say that what we do excites us.

    Ours is a curious voice

    We are lifelong learners. We believe that standing still is no different than moving backwards. We're a team that fails fast, but learns faster, and finds joy in progress over perfection.

    We give voice to our customers

    We are dedicated to making our customers happy. We aim to surprise and delight them. That means customer service that goes above and beyond expectations and product innovation that makes their lives easier - sometimes in ways they never imagined possible.

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