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Founded by an Emmy-winning war reporter, Trint began life as an AI tool for providing accurate, secure transcriptions.

Today it’s evolved into a powerful tool for creators of all kinds; from reporters, to marketers, researchers and analysts — anyone who needs to create fast, meaningful content from the vast amounts of audio and video that gets captured every day.

Our lead investor is The New York Times and our customers include The Washington Post, Nike, Wells Fargo and AirBnB.

The new world with Trint

Today, Trint is more than just a transcription tool. It’s a collaborative content platform that’s used not just in newsrooms, but by creators of all kinds.

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Founding Story

Jeff Kofman had lived with the frustration of manual transcription his entire career.

In his 30-years as a broadcaster, Jeff reported from more than 40 countries, covering many of the biggest stories of his generation. He won two Emmys, a duPont Award and an Edward R. Murrow Award.

He couldn’t believe he was still transcribing interviews, speeches and conferences in the 21st century the same way journalists had been doing it in the 1970s: manually.

So Jeff teamed up with a team of developers to use the increasingly accurate output of AI to do the heavy lifting of transcription. Because he had lived the pain, Jeff instantly saw its potential.

Jeff Kofman is speaking into a camera.

Trusted by

  1. Trint is born

  2. Seed funding round

  3. €50,000 grant from Google's Digital News Innovation Fund

  4. Pre-Series A fundraising round - $3.1M

  5. First Enterprise contract (The Associated Press), Second Google DNI grant €300,001

  6. Series A fundraising round $4.5m, Realtime Transcription is released

  7. Series A Acceleration round $6.7m, led by New York Times

  8. 100th employee joins Trint

Leadership Team

Image of Jeff Kofman
Jeff Kofman
Founder and CEO
Profile Picture of Brandon Mensinga
Brandon Mensinga
Profile Picture of Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward
Peter Slight
Peter Slight
VP Engineering
Profile Picture of Karen Web
Karen Webb
VP People
Profile Picture of James Fincham
James Fincham
VP Finance
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