Get to your rough cut faster than ever

Transform your video and audio transcripts into articles, podcasts and rough cuts in a flash. That’s how you tell your story faster with Trint.

“Story Builder provides us with a fast and easy way to organise information and accurately capture our clients’ voices.”

Jasmine H, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, DC and New York Based Public Affairs Firm

Find key moments with ease

Upload audio or video files and edit transcripts like a text document. Make note of powerful quotes, uncover themes and generate timestamps to supercharge your editing process.

Edit without editing skills

State-of-the-art editing tools are great, but they can be overwhelming. Instead, quickly pull key moments into Story Builder and easily reorder clips into a new narrative. Add headings and text with editorial tools and get to your rough cut faster than ever.

Collaborate with easy-to-use tools

Need an outside opinion? Share your story with anyone – even if they don’t have a Trint account. With granular access permissions to make sure everyone can review, comment and work together with ease.

Export seamlessly for final editing

Play back your story to hear or watch every clip in order, with timecodes synced to the source transcript. When you’re ready, export articles to .DOCX and rough cuts into .EDL or .XML to make the final edit a breeze.


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