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With Trint you can edit video and audio into powerful content in a flash. Surface key moments, uncover themes and easily reorder clips to craft narratives that captivate your audience.

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Edit audio & video like editing text

Convert your files to text and edit them just like a text document. Then watch as the original content automatically updates in sync. Shape your story, tidy up scripts, and generate timestamps of important moments to kick-start the editing process.

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Collaborate with easy-to-use tools

Use Markers, Comments and Highlights to collaborate with your team and edit content together in real time. Need an outside opinion? Share your work-in-progress with anyone – even non-Trint users.

Create whatever kind of content you need

Repurpose quotes and soundbites from your transcript into social media content, or upload transcripts to your website to boost SEO. Producing a podcast? Once you’ve shaped the story using your transcript, export the rough cut for final sound editing.

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Edit audio and video like editing text

Instant transcription

Instantly turn your audio into a written transcript for easy editing and reviewing.

Time-coded soundbites

Mark the key moments in your audio, so it’s easy for editors to find your favorite soundbites.

Read and listen side-by-side

Play your original audio & video alongside your transcript to check accuracy and hear every word in context so you don’t lose any of the raw emotion or nuance.

Craft captivating stories

Use the Trint Editor to mark the moments that matter, then organize clips into coherent, engaging stories by simply dragging and dropping the transcribed text into the order you want.

Securely store all your content

Store all your audio & video transcripts in one centralized library, then use the global search function to refresh your memory, check facts, or find clips for future episodes.

Export effortlessly

Once you’ve crafted your story, export it in a wide range of formats for final sound editing or sharing.

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