Our integrations

Trint makes it easy for you to connect to the most-used software platforms, adding more efficiency to your work


Trint offers a variety of APIs to users. You can access your API key from the API page in Trint. Once you have a key, you can start using our APIs to bring the efficiency of Trint to your proprietary platform.

Click here to see our reference guides on APIs.

Adobe® Premiere® Pro Trint Extension

Manually typing captions or subtitles for video is a thing of the past. With our free extension, you can automatically send your audio or video files from Premiere® Pro to Trint to be transcribed, then easily add captions (SRT or EDL) to your project in seconds.

Zoom integration

With our free Zoom integration, you can automatically transcribe recorded meetings, interviews or market research calls in moments. Trint can pull cloud recordings into the platform and transcribe them immediately. They’ll be ready to analyze by the time you get back to your desk.


Connect Trint to all your favorite cloud-based apps with Zapier. Set up custom workflows and notifications, automating all the boring stuff out the process. Pull transcripts into other platforms, upload and transcribe video or audio files automatically, or get instant messages when work is complete. Zapier connections are super simple - no coding required - and the first five connections are free.