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Trint’s Partner program is a great opportunity to develop 
and grow your business. Our AI transcription and content creation platform helps your customers accurately and securely convert audio and video into groundbreaking content faster than ever.

We offer a variety of programs for a win-win partnership.

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What makes Trint Different?

Capture content in multiple languages faster

Do your customers need to transcribe a live event? 
Is it multilingual? Trint’s live transcription supports 
over 40 languages, automatically detecting and 
transcribing the language being spoken – all in real time.

And a live feed for remote colleagues enables them to 
play back and verify quotes in the moment so they can 
share stories even faster.


Trint goes beyond transcription to boost every stage of the content creation workflow. Unlike other transcription solutions that deliver a transcript and little else, your customers can edit transcripts, make notes and collaborate - just like a doc!

They can also easily organize quotes and snippets into 
a rough cut or podcast, all within one seamless platform.


We get that your customers may handle sensitive files. 
With Trint, their data is in safe hands. We’re ISO 27001 
certified while, unlike other transcription technologies, 
our algorithms never learn from customer data.

On top of that, your clients can choose to store data 
either in the US or EU, meaning they can stay compliant 
with regional data privacy laws.


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