The Trint Team

The Trint Story

Mark Boas and Jeff Kofman met at the Mozfest conference in London in 2013. Mark and developers Laurian Gridinoc and Mark Panaghiston were previewing technology that synced text to an audio/video player. Jeff was astonished by the genius and simplicity of their innovation. He wondered aloud whether it would work with automated-speech-to-text.

Trint was born in December, 2014 when Jeff, Mark, Mark and Laurian sequestered themselves in an AirBnB in Florence, Italy. They plotted out the scope of their project and planned the execution. It took more than a year of experimenting to get it right.


The original four in 2014 in Florence, Italy: Mark Panaghiston, Laurian Gridinoc, Jeff Kofman, Mark Boas

“I felt like I was seeing the future, and either we teamed up to build it or one day very soon someone else would do it.”
Jeff Kofman

gen-logoWinner of the startups for news award 2016.

Where does the name ‘Trint’ come from?

Trint ™ is a word we invented, the combination of “transcription” and “interview.”
We like to use it as a noun (“Let’s check the Trint”) and a verb (“Let’s Trint it”).
It’s not in the dictionary – at least not yet.

Meet the team



CEO & Co-founder

Jeff is an Emmy-winning foreign & war correspondent and a veteran reporter with ABC, CBS and CBC News. He has reported on many of the biggest stories of our time including the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina and the Arab Spring. In his three decades in journalism Jeff has transcribed thousands of hours interviews, speeches, news conferences. He knows all too well the problem that Trint solves.



Chief Revenue Officer

Jason joined the team mid-summer of 2016 to launch Trint on a global scale. With detailed business intelligence he listens to the market to turn our innovation efforts into on-going customer value. Founder of Vidify, an innovative online video company, Jason is a C-level Commercial Director with experience in fast growth digital business.



Senior Developer – Front-End

With a B Eng Micro Electronics, Mark’s expertise sits with web media development. He is author of jPlayer – the popular audio and video framework. Mark is founder and developer of Happyworm Ltd – a web development agency established in 2001.


Software Engineer

Alberto joined Trint as a full stack developer. With an MSc in Architecture, he is using his spare time to finish his BSc in Mathematics. Having founded two startups himself, he is passionate about building scalable software that fits in this era of big data.



Senior Developer – Full Stack

With an MBBS BSc Medicine and an MSc in Computational Linguistics, Laurian has a deep understanding of web architecture. He is a Knight-Mozilla fellow and has worked for major media brands including the BBC and Al Jazeera.



UX Designer & UI Developer

A specialist in information architecture, interaction design and interface development. Piotr successfully launched editorial websites, data visualisations and complex media applications for a variety of clients including news organisations such as NZZ and Al Jazeera.



Dev Ops Engineer

A seasoned system adminstrator with deep knowledge of IT systems and highly scalable distributed applications. Norman has a Bachelors degree in Energy Engineering and worked at École des mines d’Alès.


Trint Support Manager

A Politics graduate, Euan has previously worked in the Private Equity sector, with both SME’s and development organisations. Euan is currently overseeing our Support Team, manning our Zendesk and AgileCRM platforms.



Digital Marketing Specialist

With an MA in Creative and Media Enterprises, Irina has previously worked in both in-house and agency based digital marketing roles, helping businesses achieve their full potential online. She is now responsible for Trint’s digital marketing as well as overseeing analytics and reporting.

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