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Seamlessly integrate the world’s most powerful automated transcription software into your company’s workflow. Save time and money at scale.

Built for business

A powerful audio to text workflow tool optimized for team collaboration.

Trint begins with automated transcription software but goes much further, seamlessly integrating recorded voice into existing technologies for end-to-end enterprise solutions


Save time and increase efficiency by seamlessly integrating Trint’s powerful speech-to-text software into existing systems and workflows via our API, or utilize our Zapier integration. Easy adoption across your organization with single-sign on.


Think shared docs for the spoken word: produce work faster with live collaborative editing of audio/video transcripts.

Colleagues can work on the same document at the same time, producing work faster and smashing deadlines. Read more


Your account at a glance: quickly view who’s engaging, manage users, create teams and monitor access with your dedicated Enterprise dashboard.

Data security

Trint’s data security management is fully certified to ISO 27001. We’re also verified by SAM (US government vendor), Cyber Essentials and are PCI DSS compliant.

Put simply, that means no one sees your data but you. Read more about our data security

Keep work organized with Workspaces

Workspaces help teams collaborate by bringing the right people and the right work together: instantly share work with everyone in your team.

Tell the story as it's happening:
transcribe live events in real time

Tell the story as it happens with Trint Realtime Transcription. With instant transcription of live and breaking events, you’ll be the first to find the moments that matter and share them with the world.

Read more

Talk to the world: translate into 28 languages with just three clicks

Experience the freedom of truly open global communication with automated AI translation of transcripts in 28 languages. Grasp the substance of what’s being said, giving you the insight you need to tell your story, or quickly polish content to 100% accurate with the Trint Editor.

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Case studies: audio to text for business


“Trint is a really exciting product and one everybody should be thinking about adopting in their newsrooms in one way or another.”

James Brooks Associated Press

“I’ve actually produced more content because I’ve got a longer amount of time to do it.”

Emilio-Garcia Ruiz, Managing Editor

James Brooks, Video Journalist

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Find recorded content quickly

Fast editing:

Audio and video

Captions for:

  • Online & Social Media
  • Accessibility
  • ESL


Discover key insights in
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Automatically transcribe Zoom meetings in moments

Trint for the World|

Trint transcribes in English (US and UK spelling) and 30 global languages.

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