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Convert audio and video files to text and effortlessly shape transcripts into high-impact content for blogs, social media, podcasts and more.

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A group of women are in traditional dress and walking down a street.

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Easy upload

Trint is compatible with a wide range of content formats so no matter what your audio or video content looks like, it’s easy to upload, transcribe and edit in Trint.

A person is working from their laptop while uploading a file.
A woman is working from her living room while transcribing a call in real time.

Make your transcript perfect

Start with a 99% accurate transcription, then turn it into the perfect basis for content creation by quickly editing, adding speaker names or custom vocabulary, and checking timecodes before you verify.

Draft stories with ease

Search for key quotes and themes across multiple transcripts and simply drag and drop the moments that matter together to assemble your narrative.

Closeup view of a person where you can see the computer screen in the reflection of their glasses. There is an overlay of the ability to search for terms within Trint.
Two people are reviewing and editing a transcription from within Trint.

Simple editing

As you rearrange your transcript into the most compelling order, your original audio & video files update automatically as you edit the text. Simply hit play to see and hear the new narrative come to life.

Collaborate with colleagues

Use comments, markers and highlights to seamlessly work together with team members. Want to get an outside opinion? Invite anyone to collaborate on your content (even if they don’t have Trint).

Several people are in a conference room together working collaboratively. There is an overlay showing that you can comment on work from within Trint.

Create powerful content

Story Editor

Combine and assemble transcripts into a script, rough cut or paper edit with our easy-to-use editing platform.  


Bookmark important moments in pre-recorded interviews or use the app to bookmark during live speeches, presentations and conversations.


Use the Comments function to leave notes, questions, ideas and feedback for yourself or other members of your team.


Invite users to collaborate on multiple transcripts securely. Choose whether each user gets read-only access or editing and sharing permissions.


Draw attention to key quotes by highlighting them. Instantly see the length and timecode of any quote you highlight, then export the timecodes for a seamless workflow.  


Adding a blog to your website? Need to do final video editing? Whatever next step your story needs to take, Trint is ready. Export in all major file types.

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