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Trint makes it easy for teams to collaborate on content. Simply upload your files and invite colleagues to add comments, notes and highlights to make the editing process seamless.

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Easy-to-use tools

Highlights, tags and comments make teamwork seamless. Share thoughts, questions and feedback with colleagues directly on your transcripts – or leave notes for yourself as you go.

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Manage content securely

Share your content without fear of it falling into the wrong hands. Give your team exclusive, secure access to multiple transcripts, and choose whether users get read-only, editing, commenting or sharing permissions. 

Make sign-offs a breeze

On a deadline? Add guests for free to get your content signed-off. Cut down on the need for multiple email chains and docs by doing everything in Trint.

Create content as a team

Instant transcription

Instantly turn your audio into a written transcript for easy editing and reviewing.

Time-coded soundbites

Mark the key moments in your audio, so it’s easy for editors to find your favorite soundbites.

Read and listen side-by-side

Play your original audio & video alongside your transcript to check accuracy and hear every word in context so you don’t lose any of the raw emotion or nuance.

Craft captivating stories

Use the Trint Editor to mark the moments that matter, then organize clips into coherent, engaging stories by simply dragging and dropping the transcribed text into the order you want.

Securely store all your content

Store all your audio & video transcripts in one centralized library, then use the global search function to refresh your memory, check facts, or find clips for future episodes.

Export effortlessly

Once you’ve crafted your story, export it in a wide range of formats for final sound editing or sharing.

What our customers are saying

Typically an interview will take 20 or 30 minutes, and we’re going to use a minute of sound, so Trint helps us quickly find those snippets.

Richard Coolidge
Senior Managing Producer - PBS NewsHour

I've actually produced more content because I've got a longer amount of time to do it.

James Brooks
Video Journalist, The Associated Press

I don't endorse many products - but not many help journalists like Trint. Transcribes video. Load it up- sit back, jaw-dropping.

Al Tompkins
Senior Faculty, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies

Trint helps my remote podcast team collaborate easily and effectively. We can access transcripts of interviews, highlight and comment, and we work together on making our scripts.

Abigail Keel
Senior Podcast Producer - Stitcher

For the podcast, Trint really is indispensable for our workflow.

Sarah Feldberg
Editor for Emerging Products and Audio - San Francisco Chronicle

Trint is a really exciting product and one everybody should be thinking about adopting in their newsrooms in one way or another.

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz
Managing Editor, The Washington Post

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