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Trint makes it easy to search through hundreds of hours of audio & video content in an instant – helping you find exactly what you’re looking for, without spending hours combing through recordings.  

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Look for patterns, discover insights

Transcribe all your recorded interviews to text and use Trint’s powerful search functionality to look for themes, discover insights, and quickly group together key material. 

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A person is working in Trint on their computer. They are highlighting important quotes in the system. There is an overlay confirming a section has been verified.

Highlight key quotes

Use highlights and markers to draw attention to important quotes, interesting soundbites and key moments in recorded interviews.

Collaborate in real time

No more lost notes or endless email chains. Use Trint as a collaborative research tool to gather thoughts, questions and feedback with your team – or leave notes for yourself – directly on the transcript. 

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Manage content securely

Share content without fear of it falling into the wrong hands. Give your team secure access to transcripts and choose whether users get read-only, editing, commenting or sharing permissions. 

Verify transcripts

Teams can use Trint’s Verify feature to confirm the accuracy of transcripts paragraph by paragraph, so you never have to triple-check a quote or figure.

A reporter is speaking into the camera. There is an overlay of the video captions along with a prompt to inform the viewer that Anne was verified this video clip.

Put your words to work

Story Editor

Combine and assemble transcripts into a script, rough cut or paper edit with our easy-to-use editing platform.  


Bookmark important moments in pre-recorded interviews or use the app to bookmark during live speeches, presentations and conversations.


Use the Comments function to leave notes, questions, ideas and feedback for yourself or other members of your team.


Invite users to collaborate on multiple transcripts securely. Choose whether each user gets read-only access or editing and sharing permissions.


Draw attention to key quotes by highlighting them. Instantly see the length and timecode of any quote you highlight, then export the timecodes for a seamless workflow.  


Adding a blog to your website? Need to do final video editing? Whatever next step your story needs to take, Trint is ready. Export in all major file types.

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