Search through hundreds of hours of audio & video content in an instant – helping you find exactly what you’re looking for in a matter of clicks.

"It’s much easier for someone on the team to review what was said in Trint, with the transcript tied to the audio, rather than listening back again and again making notes from scratch."

Alex Liebergall, Compliance Manager, Ideal Concepts, Inc.

Look for patterns, discover insights

Transcribe all your recorded interviews to text and use Trint’s powerful search functionality to look for themes, discover insights, and quickly group together key material.


Use highlights and markers to draw attention to important quotes, interesting soundbites and moments in recorded interviews.

Collaborate in real time

No more lost notes or endless email chains. Use Trint as a collaborative research tool to gather thoughts, questions and feedback with your team – or leave notes for yourself – directly on the transcript.

Manage content securely

Share content without fear of it falling into the wrong hands. Give your team secure access to transcripts and choose whether users get read-only, editing, commenting or sharing permissions.

Verify transcripts

Teams can use Trint’s Verify feature to confirm the accuracy of transcripts paragraph by paragraph, so you never have to triple-check a quote or figure.

find the moments that matter

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Instant transcription

Instantly turn your audio into a written transcript for easy editing and reviewing.

Time-coded soundbites

Mark key moments in your transcripts and tag colleagues to easily share timecodes with your editors.

Read and listen side-by-side

Playback audio & video and read along with your transcript to check accuracy and hear every word in context.

Craft captivating stories

Mark the moments that matter then move into Trint’s Story Builder to reorganize quotes and craft into engaging stories.

Securely store all your content

Create Shared Drives to store all your files in one centralized library, then use the global search function to refresh your memory, check facts, or find quotes for future content.

Export effortlessly

Once you’ve crafted your story, export it in a wide range of formats for final content editing or sharing with the world.


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