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Winner of the startups for news award 2016.

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3 Simple Steps...


Simply drag and drop your audio and video files into Trint's browser-based platform.


Trint magically converts your file to text in minutes.


Trint glues your audio to the text on the screen making it easy to search, verify and correct.

Why choose Trint?

How trint works

Get transcripts you can trust in minutes

Trint's easy-to-use editor glues your audio to the text, making it simple to polish your transcripts to perfect:

  • Find the content you need instantly
  • Listen to and verify your content by clicking on a word on the screen
  • Get timings of important content instantly

See features

Trint's toolkit

Easy search

Use your browser to find content instantly.

Instant timing

Highlight a selection and Trint tells you its timing and length.

Skip unwanted text

Strike-through irrelevant text, Trint automatically skips it on playback.

Play highlights

Play back just the highlighted sections of text.

Playback speed

Screen at half or double time to correct as you go.

Speaker labelling

Identify speakers in your recording quickly and easily.

Transcription for the world

Trint transcribes in three different accents and three other languages (and we're building more!)

USA and Canadian flags

North American English

British flag

British English

Australian flag

Australian English

French flag


Spanish flag


German flag


Share content with Trint

Jaw-droppingly easy to access and share content

No special technical skills required:

  • Generate subtitles in one click: perfect for silent video on social media
  • Share your work in the Trint Editor for seamless collaboration
  • Export full transcripts or just the highlighted sections with timecodes in MS Word

How sharing works ...

Video with subtitles

Generate video with subtitles for social media in one click.

Share content

Email your Trints to co-workers for seamless collaboration


Download to MS Word, EDL, SRT, VTT.

What people are saying

Journalists, educators, marketers, podcasters and others Trint

"What a great program Trint is. What once took me hours takes minutes. The transcription accuracy is astonishing. After a two day conference I had everything transcribed before I got on the plane to fly home – by the end of the flight I'd written the pieces. Saved an entire day’s work. You’ve got some wizards working under the hood there. Keep it up!"

Andy Field, Producer,
ABC News Washington Bureau

@TrintHQ Are you guys in LA? Because I'm at the airport & will ditch my flight to come hug you all. You just saved this Ph.D's sanity.

"OK so Trint TOTALLY SAVED MY BACON today, I am high level deadline and it was AMAZING!!!!! Seriously this is going to change everything."

Clemency Burton-Hill,
BBC News Presenter

I have now used it a couple times and I gotta say @TrintHQ is pretty magic

You guys, @TrintHQ is a major game changer for transcription. absolutely gagging over the beta trial

Let Trint transform your workflow

Save time, money and headaches


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