The top 5 benefits of transcribing your business conference

With digital tools like AI transcription software, your conference content will keep producing long after the closing keynote speech has been delivered.

Automated transcription for conferences increases ROI


In the marketing today, everyone’s talking about digital. After all, we live in the digital age and it’s important for businesses to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of online marketing. In this e-world, however, some businesses are neglecting the huge value of events and conferences, and other potential marketing streams that live outside of the Internet. 


Bringing your marketing into the real world is a great step.

Events and business conferences are really important venues for networking, meeting potential clients and showcasing your authority on your subject. For example, a video production company that hosts a keynote session on the power of video marketing in the digital age is a great way for potential clients to take notice of your team - and to consider you as the right partner for their next product launch.

Some might think investing in business conferences isn't good business sense. The one problem with business conferences is that they don’t live beyond the few days of scheduling. We’re used to content that lives forever on the Internet, available on demand from anywhere and everywhere and providing ongoing value to our business. A conference is very much anchored in the real world: if you’re not in town for the event you’ll miss out, so investing in a conference usually only goes as far as the attendees.

The answer? Modern technologies.


Transcribed conferences use artificial intelligence to produce audio to text transcripts


Today’s business conferences are being expanded beyond the real world, streaming live across geographies and accessible on-demand well after the doors have closed. Video and live-streaming technologies are boosting business conferences globally, and so is automated transcription technology and audio to text services. The benefits of creating an environment that makes your conference accessible for all are huge.


Here are five benefits of transcribing your business conference


1. Reach

Recording your keynote sessions, seminars and interviews with important figures on the day is a great way to expand the reach of your conference. Transcribing your recordings using Trint’s services is a quick and simple way to reach new audiences around the world: you simply upload your video recording to Trint’s platform, where it’s transcribed using the powers of AI; a quick edit with the interactive Trint Editor brings it to 100% accuracy; and then you can get it up on your website using the SEO-friendly Trint Player. These subtitles give life to your conference content far beyond the conference hall.


2. Accessibility

Transcription is an essential tool to ensure your business conference content is accessible to all audiences. When hosting video recordings of your conference on your site, you need to be sure the content is accessible to anyone, including people with hearing disabilities. Creating accurate subtitles to support your video content is a surefire way to create inclusive content that can be enjoyed by as wide an audience as possible.


3. SEO

Your video content alone isn’t going to boost your search engine rankings very much. The power of subtitles and captions on video content is undeniable. You need to be creating subtitles, captions and descriptions for all of your multimedia content so it’s accessible by search engines. Hosting SEO-friendly video content that brings authority to your website subject is a great step - as long as you make sure the search engines can reward you accordingly.


4. Increased ROI

It’s no secret that some keynote speakers carry a hefty fee. Business conferences are very expensive, and proving ROI on the event beyond attendees and signups can prove difficult. By recording and transcribing keynote sessions, you can increase the ROI: potential leads from far and wide can access the transcripts and video recordings of the sessions, both benefiting from the speaker’s authority and providing a referral link back to your business.


Conference attendees can focus on presentation instead of taking notes


5. Better engagement

For keynote speakers, a room of attendees with their noses in notepads and laptops trying to scribble down what’s being said isn’t the ideal audience. You want your attendees to actively engage with the session, rather than catching just a few key takeaways in hard-to-read notes. Advertising to your audience that the keynote session will be transcribed and available online after the event means that attendees can relax and really listen to the speaker, using those transcripts to review after the conference has finished. And since transcripts from Trint are fully searchable, attendees can easily locate key topics.




When bringing your business into the field and exploring all the benefits of hosting a business conference, always plan for expansion, reach and increased ROI. Today’s events don’t have to be static, one-time events: you can bring interactivity and global accessibility without even opening the doors. Use automated transcription technology from Trint to breathe new life into your business conference.


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