What’s transcription got to do with it? A guide for marketers

Converting speech to text for marketers is the unsung hero of the marketing toolkit: transcribe product reviews, user interviews and focus groups and more.

March 23, 2018

Any way you slice it, marketing is a complex and diverse field that can be used to work towards a variety of business goals. However it cannot be just an afterthought or just an additional task to add to the list. Good marketing takes strategy, creativity and dedication. It can be an exhausting  process, burdened by resource-sucking methods and costly distribution channels.

The key to an effective marketing strategy starts with making every step of the marketing workflow as easy as possible. Don’t misinterpret that: this doesn’t mean marketers should be lazy, it means marketers should be efficient. The more energy can be focused on important tasks, the better the results will be. There are some excellent tools for automating time-consuming tasks that can make marketing professionals breathe a little easier (no doubt the dream of most).

AI transcription for marketers is an under-used yet hugely valuable tool that gives back the time marketers desperately need. No matter how fast one can type, their time is better spent elsewhere: a marketer’s job is to market, not to transcribe.

Here are a few of the ways transcription can be easily added to any company’s marketing strategy to get better results faster.

Transcribe focus groups for market research

Whether it’s product marketing, brand marketing or just a need for solid market insight, focus groups are a great way to hear what customers really think. However, it’s really Marketing tasks can be overwhelming.jpgdifficult to find a way to organize individual responses from members of the group unless marketers transcribe focus groups. But manually transcribing hours of interviews takes a lot of time - that’s why popping digital interview files into an automated transcription platform is the way to go. Automated transcription takes the process from hours or days down to mere minutes, and marketers can be ever more efficient by recording focus group interviews with a transcription app like Trint’s app for iPhone. Once focus groups have been transcribed with AI software, all market research data is conveniently packaged in searchable text format, ready to analyze and distribute.

Content creation and SEOProducing content quickly is easy with automated transcription.gif

Marketers may dread creating and optimizing content, but after discovering automated transcription services they’ll be converted into content-loving, SEO-embracing marketing machines. For example, consider interviewing an industry expert for a blog post: simply pulling quotes from a machine-generated transcript will do most of the writing of the blog. When it comes to producing video content, automatically transcribing the file and posting the transcript online massively improves SEO and searchability. Applying transcription with content means the options are almost endless.


While we’re on the subject of video, captioning video content is a must-do in today’s video-dominated world. With the majority of videos watched without sound these days - Facebook says 85% of videos watched on their platform are silent - adding captions to video content will increase engagement and the potential for wide reach.

Make your entire content database searchable

Those who have a lot of audio or video content know that it can take hours of searching to find just one or two sound bites. Wouldn’t it be great if there were transcripts for one’s Searching a content archive can be like finding a needle in a haystack.jpgentire content database so that all the marketer had to do was look for keywords and automatically find that exact spot in the file, ready to cut and edit? That’s possible, and it’s much easier than one might think. With Trint’s online platform, all it takes is a drag and a drop to get files transcribed automatically. No muss, no fuss, just fast, incredibly affordable transcription.

In all of these instances, transcription is a necessary but time-consuming task that can create roadblocks in the marketing process. Automated transcription means these tasks get done faster, streamlining the marketer’s process and improving the ever-important bottom line.

If you’re a marketer, drop your files into Trint’s automated transcription platform and let artificial intelligence do the work. Try us now for free:


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downloadMichael Nelson-Wolter

Michael worked for 8+ years as a manual transcriber in the US and UK before building an in-house transcription department for a mobile-to-web software company. He then moved to content marketing, followed by digital marketing. Michael loves to write about emerging technology, digital trends and the ways technology makes our lives easier.