How transcription can help with website content creation

Content is a necessary ingredient to grow a business, but it has to be created fast and affordably. Here's how AI transcription changes content creation.

May 22, 2019

If you’re not clued up on the importance of content in today’s world, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Content is king, queen, the entire monarchy, the government and any other important figure you can dream up.Creating content that cuts through the noise online should be a top priority for any business - investing in content creation is key to business growth. But how do you create top content?

Content - whether it’s corporate or just for fun - needs to inspire, entertain and educate. Strong content and a well-established and maintained brand voice is closely tied to conversion rates and business growth; the ROI businesses see from their content today is unprecedented, and a brand voice that resonates with its audience keeps customers coming back for more.

So how do you reach the right people? Your audience is out there waiting for the information you hold, but getting it to them is a difficult game. You’ll need a kick-butt team of creators and visionaries that will work alongside your corporate team to translate your organization’s “story” and tell it in a way that’s authentic and relatable - something that’s not as easy as it sounds.


Building content in a team requires collaborative software


What is content marketing and why is it so important to business growth, you ask? Content is everything you create to reach your customers, from the words on your website’s landing page to the “how-to” videos you create for your brand YouTube channel and everything in between.


Let’s start at the very beginning: Why your website content matters

All brand stories in the digital age should start with a website - let’s not run before we can crawl. Having content on your website is key to reaching your audience. Right now your customers could be searching for your product or service on search engines - you can’t afford to miss out on that search engine optimization traffic. The search engines will crawl your site to determine how relevant and helpful your content is, serving it up to your audience.


Websites are the pedestals that hold up brand content


How do you make website content search engine friendly? The rules for top searchable content are many and varied, but a good place to start is to simply be honest about what your website is and why it’s helpful. Make sure you define keywords and craft content that hits these in a natural way. More search traffic means more conversions - the visitors to your site are probably there because they’re looking for your product or service in particular, so they’re a lot more likely to make a purchase than someone who stumbles across your business by accident. More sales equals growth, so we’re heading in the right direction.


>Make your mark: Why content is the best way to build your brand voice

Today’s customers aren’t generous with their loyalty. They have a lot of different options to choose from, so why stick with your business if they don’t get good service? The key to building affinity with your customers is to develop and sustain a brand voice and personality that resonates with your target audience. You’ll need to speak with this voice across your website, social media channels and any content you create, so it’s important to get it right and make sure everyone’s familiar with the tone. Growing business needs return customers, so investing in your relationship with both new and existing customers is key.

To grow your business, you’ll need a content team that can create at pace. How do you make content faster? Invest in smart technology that optimizes the content-creation process.


Content teams need time to focus on the work they're hired for


Audio transcription software from Trint is the content creation sidekick your creative team is crying out for. Transcription is all part and parcel of content creation - your video and audio content has to be typed up for audiences that can’t access audio for a range of reasons. People who are hard of hearing need subtitles and captions to use your website effectively, and a lot of people simply avoid audio altogether - if you’re watching videos at the office, you won’t want audio blaring out of your device and disrupting your colleagues, after all.

Two things that most content teams need are extra time and resources. Trint’s intelligent transcription platform gives the gift of both. Thanks to Trint, your team doesn’t need to spend hours manually typing up all audio and video content. This gives them time to meet the intense demands of content creation. Today’s content teams are under pressure to create a lot more content in a lot less time, so saving time on manual transcription with Trint is a no brainer.

Trint takes care of the heavy lifting of transcription, so your content team has an extra pair of hands to tackle tasks. Budget can be reallocated to more advanced content creation if you don’t have to employ a digital audio typist or a transcription agency. More content means more eyeballs on your business, and in such a crowded online marketplace your business needs to be seen. Exposure makes money - upping your content output will grow your business.


Content helps to reach new audiences


Growing businesses have a lot of chatter - there are important meetings, new hires and internal communication to keep on top of, and documenting the growth as it unfolds is really important. Keeping records of important growth strategy meetings and interviews for key new positions has historically been a big task - taking the minutes of the meeting and manually transcribing later is a lengthy process. Trint can set your meetings free - just hit the record button, sit back and let the intelligent platform transcribe with automation and AI. Let’s say you’re interviewing a business growth manager. Don’t waste anyone’s time note-taking, simply record and upload to Trint to create a transcription of the interview. You can even search transcripts to find important topics - it’s a win-win.


Business growth is no mean feat - you’ll need technology on your side to keep things moving along. Try Trint todaywith a completely free trial.


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