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31 Hours: The Seattle Times and Trint

How do you convert 31 hours of video to text quickly and on a limited budget? Find out how in this video transcription case study with The Seattle Times.

June 7, 2018

A Trint Case Study

“I don't think we would be doing transcripts for a lot of the projects that we do them on if we didn't have Trint. We just wouldn't be able to afford paying a human to do it.

-Corinne Chin, video editor, Seattle Times


When The Seattle Times produced the award-winning online documentary Under Our Skin they interviewed 18 people for a total of 31 hours. Then they had to transcribe all of the interviews before they could write and edit the stories - a mammoth task for a newsroom of any size.

"We ran all of it through Trint. It was a collaborative process and we shared those transcripts out with every member of our team."

Manual transcription costs were far too high and they would take too long. The video production team at The Seattle Times needed the footage transcribed quickly and affordably, which wasn’t possible with traditional transcription. Video Editor Corinne Chin had read about Trint on a blog and wondered whether it could help. Her team uploaded all 31 hours of interviews into Trint and let artificial intelligence do the work.

"We picked up on so much we didn't even pick up when we were sitting there in person with these people."

The team at The Seattle Times worked collaboratively to review and search the transcripts for the best sound bites to write the stories. They produced the final project much faster, for a lot less money and with a level of nuance that would have been unachievable with manual transcription.

Trint is available to newsrooms of any size, from independent journalists to worldwide news organizations. Want to see how Trint can help you produce the next award-winning piece of content? Email us at to find out, or start your free trial today.


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